what would you do?

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Re : what would you do?

Postby my3tatertots » Thu Apr 23, 638629 4:20 am

I've heard they put more aluminum in the mercury free shots to compensate. I don't know if it's true though. I'm 33 weeks and will not be getting any flu shots for several reasons. We all take a high quality vit D supplement though which is supposed to help prevent illness. IME, the vit D works great. I had a nursing preemie newborn starting daycare this time last year and it helped her stay well through cold and flu season.

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Re : what would you do?

Postby love_the_daschies » Wed Apr 22, 638629 11:30 pm

Congrats on the BFP!!! You probably already had the shot - but i'll throw my opinions out there too! I got the thimerasol free seasonal flu shot. I got the H1N1 vaccine with thimerasol. My MFMs office did have thimerasol free - but only a few doses and were out. I opted for the regular shot for many reasons even though I was told I could wait and see if they got some more thimerasol free. My reasons were:

* I work in a hospital (hello sick people everywhere!)
* I take the subway (hello sick people everywhere!)
* I have mild asthma
* No credible link between thimerasol and any issues (I myself am a little leary of the thimerasol - but ti hasn't been proven to be an issue)
* My MFM said 15% of deaths were pregnant women, and he has never seen so many pregnant women hospitilized and intubated.

Would I have gotten the vaccine if not pregnant? Yes, just for the mild asthma alone. The shot did make me sore for a while, at the injection site, but that was all.

I was more worried about the timing of my shot (at the beginning of teh second trimester) knowing there was a placenta and the vaccine would cross it. I think at the early stages were baby is still living off the yolk sac- I wouldn't be nearly as concerned. This is just my random logic though - not sure if it is true!


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Re : what would you do?

Postby atvlady » Wed Apr 22, 638629 6:31 pm

I am glad to have found this post. I was just getting ready to post a topic about this. I am TTC and at the advice of my GI, OB, and GP I am going to be getting the H1N1 as soon as they get some. My dads g/f granddaughter has it. She is on life support with H1N1 and double pneumonia in the same hospital were I see my OB doc at. I did read a article that says pregnant women make up 60% of the H1N1 deaths and pregnant women make up 1 % of the population. (If I am wrong on these numbers someone please correct me and post the correct link.) The virus is rampid here. I try to stay home and when I do need to go out I go late at night. I have never had the flu HOWEVER I did take a flu shot 3 years ago and spent 4 days in the hospital LOL I will never take another flu shot! Now if H1N1 makes me sick, I won't take it either!

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Re : what would you do?

Postby sheri-ct » Wed Apr 22, 638629 6:28 pm


I am no longer pregnant, but I am nursing and I got the shot today along with my twins. I'm not worried at all.


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Re : what would you do?

Postby rosalinda » Wed Apr 22, 638629 5:19 pm

Thanks for all your input and wonderful advice, I will head over after work and get the shot. Better safe than sorry.

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Re : what would you do?

Postby caryn » Wed Apr 22, 638629 12:47 pm

As Heather says, our Experts have recommended all pregnant women seriously consider the vaccine and talk about it with their care providers.

A lot of our Experts are also clinicians, and have likely been caring for pregnant women with swine flu.

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Re : what would you do?

Postby jgrumet » Wed Apr 22, 638629 12:43 pm

I'm not getting it and I won't let my son get it either, but I am not pregnant. We are just trying to be hermits this winter, but if I were pregnant I would seriously consider getting it. The swine flu in the the 1900s killed mostly pregnant women. I just remember when I was pregnant and I got the same thing my husband got- he had symptoms of a cold and I was seriously ill (hospitalized) with a terrible cough that lasted for over a month.

It's a tough decision, but I am such a hippie and even I would probably get it if I knew I was pregnant.

I hope this helps.

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Re : what would you do?

Postby angieb » Wed Apr 22, 638629 12:11 pm

I was supposed to be due in January and also am a teacher but wasn't going to get it. (It ended up being a moot point.)

Personally, I won't get either shot, but that's just me.

I would reconsider if I had asthma or anyone in my family had asthma. But for now, the relatively known issues with the virus itself scare me less than the unknown possibilities with the vaccination.

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Re : what would you do?

Postby julieb » Wed Apr 22, 638629 10:13 am

Originally I was not going to get the shot, but hearing how bad it can be for pregnant women, that is just one thing I do not want to worry so much about. I found out my OB will be getting the shots and I just have to call every day to see if they have come in. DS will also be getting the shot as soon as his ped gets them in. I am 10w4d today and I am hoping my OB will get the shots soon. Congrats on your pregnancy :)

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Re : what would you do?

Postby southerngirl108 » Wed Apr 22, 638629 8:50 am

I just got my H1N1 shot today. I had my doubts about getting it, especially now that I am on bedrest and my chances of coming in contact with someone who have it are slim, but I figure they wouldn't stress pregnant women getting it if they didn't feel it was super important for them to do so. My OB told me they won't vaccinate infants with H1N1 until at least 6 months, so by me getting the vaccine my little one will gather some of that immunity, too. Important since chances are he will be a preemie. It is a personal decision and one no one should take lightly!

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