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Re : When were you put on Bedrest for BP??

Posted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 06:58 pm
by fwlady
I had to put myself on bedrest most of Xmas Day. We were having my FIL over too, but that wouldn't stress me out. The weather was bad on Xmas Eve, the roads a mess on Xmas Day, but Dh insisted on meeting FIL in town at mass, even taking the kids. My BP finally hit the 90s that morning. By afternoon, I was still 135ish/high 80s. I don't think it was about FIL being over, as I love the man, and he understood when I told him that my BP had been up. I was also having the on and off headaches, as I have today.

DD has been all better since Dh came home xmas eve night. She did have one spell, but it went away without breathing meds. It wasn't time yet, and DH took her to the gas station. When she got back, she was all better. SHe hasn't had another spell since, and her joint pain has been gone today. She was quite bad yesterday, but she is fine now.

Although I should be better today, because she is better and Xmas is over, my BP has stayed in the 130s/mid to high 80s. I have had headaches all day on and off. I had spots last night. But the roads aren't safe. I need to hold off until tomorrow when the snow has stopped and they can clear the roads. IF we could get our neighbor to watch the kids, DH could get me over to the city, since he is very experienced with driving in all this. But, I think it would give me a seizure just riding with him on these roads. So, we wait until tomorrow. The baby has been active, but slower than I am used to.

The baby had to have breathing treatments yesterday, and ended up using his emergency o2 again last night. It is only for an hour after he falls asleep, after the treatment, because his anatomy relaxes too much, and he can't keep his 02 up for an hour or so after the treatment. This is the 2nd time we have used it, and we actually avoided another hospital trip last time. I hope we have avoided one this time too. He hasn't been as bad today.

So, today, they have both been better, and my BP hasn't. Dh has been home taking care of things too. He said I am going to raise HIS BP. Really in jest. I told him I would go in to L&D today, but I just don't think we are to an emergency point that would warrant risking our safety on the roads. This baby just needs to decide to be born. Kymberli

Re : When were you put on Bedrest for BP??

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 08:35 pm
by fwlady
TY ladies so much again. I do have friends, but now there is bad weather tomorrow and on as well. When it rains it pours, eh?

So far today, my BP has stayed between 130s-142/79-82. So, that isn't terrible. I have had some mild headaches, but that usually coincides with eating, so I wonder if there can be some confusion with all the headaches I have had this PG. I have labile blood sugars, but am not diabetic. So, eating can cause headaches. So, the ones that aren't after eating, I have taken my Bp, and this is where it has stayed. I sometimes have pinch on my shoulder too, and I have been keeping an eye on that. My biggest worry is really after having the baby. Because that is when I have had the WORST headaches, is after the last 3 births. The last one was probably from blood loss.

Anyway, DD got better once she went to sleep. She was fine all day today, and was baking cookies with her sister. Then, her neck, ankles were hurting. And, after her bath, her hips and from there, she is in a lot of pain. She has a history of arthritis pain, but they haven't been able to diagnose her. Then the breathing issues started again, when she had been doing fine all day. She has taken her steroids, and that will help with pneumonia and arthritis, if I remember right. She is better now, after she finally relented and took an Albuterol treatment. They make thins worse many times, so she was quite hestitant. She is better now, breathing, but she is limping again.

I am really thinking that since this all started with joint pain on the first night, and now extreme pain with this episode, that they are related. Of what I can gather, JRA lung issues can probably look like pneumonia. I don't know of any other otherwise healthy children can have pneumonia just set in that quickly. It usually takes days and a lot of coughing, which she hasn't had. This seems way too sudden. I am about to take her to Children's, and get them to actually do something about her. The first rheumy said she was making it all up. Grrrr.

Anyway, my BP has been pretty okay, and I have been laying down and taking it easy. I only take my BP sitting up, and so those are the nubmers I am going by. Kymberli

Re : When were you put on Bedrest for BP??

Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2009 10:33 pm
by caryn

Have you got someone -- friends, family -- to help you? I understand entirely how inconvenient it is to be worrying about whether or not you're getting sick *too*, and to discount your own discomfort because of the needs of your children.

But we are going to fuss at you, because preeclampsia kills people and sneaks up on women out of nowhere. We have posters who are raising their grandchildren because their daughters died of HELLP, and their only symptoms were a slight headache and a slight blood pressure elevation and an ache in the right side of the abdomen. We have posters whose babies were stillborn and posters who spent a few weeks in ICU but whose babies were released to the care of their fathers after 24 hours.

There are all sorts of ways for this disease to be scandalously inconvenient. And you have your hands full and need someone to help you keep an eye on everyone, including you. :-)

Keep us posted as you're able, and I do hope your daughter can breathe more easily as the night progresses.

Re : When were you put on Bedrest for BP??

Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2009 09:21 pm
by fwlady
TY ladies again. It has been a really wild ride these last two days. My DD was having breathing problems, that resolved once she went to sleep. Then, the next morning, she slept late, but once she got up, she was back at it. So, I rushed her into the dr. He said she was having asthma, and he almost put her in the hospital. The meds weren't really helping, but by the 2nd treatment, she was much better. Glad she wasn't put in. When the meds were due again, she was very bad again, so I gave her the meds recommended, and she was so bad, I nearly called 911. I gave her Albuterol and she was much better. We averted that ER trip at 11pm with my 7 children. So, then, today, by 11am when she got up, we did the Albuterol (she had a treatment at 5am that was fine), as it hit her like a ton of bricks again. Well, that didn't help, and I gave her the steroid they ordered, again, no better. I decided on a 2nd treatment, since that is what they would do, and still no better. So, we headed back in. She didn't get worse, but by this point, she couldn't breathe through her mouth, and couldn't talk at all. We got her in pretty quickly, and they decided this was not asthma, as the dr had said (she never had it before) but some kind of allergic reaction. We found out that she had inhaled smoke from a bonfire on Sunday evening, and it was that night when it started. They gave her epi breathing treatments and epi meds. She started feeling better, but the xray came back as pneumatic. So, they have her on the same meds plus ABX. They did IV ABX while we were there to give her a good dose. At least it isn't chronic like asthma. I have enough of those around here, and I thought I knew asthma, and really didn't believe that this was.

So, we got to come home. My BP has been about the same throughout all this, but I haven't always gotten to check. Some mild headaches but brief, some shoulder pain, but mostly in the morning.

She is acting up again now, and we just came back from the ER and was home by 6pm. Ugh. I think we are going to have another dramatic night. She was having some issues breathing, and so she took the Albuterol treatment, and she is worse than before taking it. This just isn't going well, nor is it helpful. I do NOT want to go back to the ER tonight.

I will give you all an update, but I have to get her better. This isn't something we want to be dealing with over Xmas. My medically fragile 2yo is also having signs of a virus (before we went to the ER) and he can get bad. All in all, I really just CAN'T be having PG problems. KWIM? Although, if I am in the ER with her, I can be checked out too. We have actually done that once before. Kymberli

Re : When were you put on Bedrest for BP??

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 07:25 pm
by fiona

I agree with Alanna - better to be checked out and make sure there isn't anything funky going on. Certainly, hoping for the best and avoiding seeing a doctor, isn't an approach I would advocate for anyone.

Re : When were you put on Bedrest for BP??

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 02:20 pm
by alviarin
I was told to call my OB if my blood pressures stayed above 140/90 (either number) for half an hour. And my normal (non-pregnant) baseline is higher than yours.

I would feel better if you were getting checked out. This is coming from someone who has spilled diagnostic amounts of protein even with a "trace" protein dip, and went from slightly high BP to severe preeclampsia in under 24 hours.

The only way to know if it is PE or not is to get that 24 hour urine test and maybe some bloodwork. Even a dipstick test could tell you something if you see an elevated reading. Hopefully having more information would make your decision-making process easier.

Re : When were you put on Bedrest for BP??

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 12:56 am
by fwlady
We didn't discuss the BP thing. At the time, all was fine, and if my BP was higher there, they didn't mention it. The nurse was totally new to me, she didn't take it the same way I am used to, and so I didn't even ask what the numbers were. She did sort of redo it. But, she didn't tell me what it was. Since I had been doing so good, and I was probably nervous for this supposed to be courtesy visit, it could have been elevated and fine when I got home.

He did call me "high risk" which really annoyed me, because he is only basing this on me being VBAC (this my SEVENTH one), and never said there was any other reason for it. He said he would see me in a week. And, no, he didn't put me on bedrest.

TBH, I sort of fired him. I thought I could get my care transferred over to the hospital that does VBACs. This little hospital I had been with for 26 wks, cared for me and my DD that even had complications from a transferred HB, 4 yrs ago, when they did VBACs. I didn't know about the policy change, and all 38 wks, I was never told this by the old OB and my MW. They did say "come in late", but I never thought much of it. I can't deliver in that hospital, because they will section me if I am not at 7-8 cm.

If I go into this other hospital, VBAC friendly, they do have to treat me. They do VBACs, they have a NICU, etc. I tried to get my friend's OB over there, but they wouldn't take me so late. I was going with the OB/MW that I had a relationship with, and it was my biggest mistake that I didn't make sure. This new OB told me that the hospital was subpar for VBACs, and my MW was "unqualified" to attend me. Probably only because she doesn't do surgery. What changed from 4 yrs ago when she attended my 90 hr PROM and meconium baby, VBAC and all, baby was not in distress, just overdue. ??? Everything went without a hitch and all was great. But, he made it out that it was all just "good luck". I do not want to fight a dr, not good for BP either, since I had already been concerned about it, but like I said, it all seemed very stable at the time. It wasn't getting worse at all. I was feeling better, until that appt, and even then, I was just upset, no symptoms or anything. I figured that I would just wait until I went into labor and head into that VBAC friendly hospital. Since I usually have my babies at home, this seemed like a reasonable plan at the time.

So, my choices are to just not worry about it, or go on bedrest until natural (or have some raw pineapple these next 2 weekends) labor kicks in, or walk into that ER if I am not feeling right or the numbers are bad.

Today, I had to take DS into school, as he missed the bus and there are finals. The next two mornings, he has 6am wrestling practices. This morning, I have gotten 2 readings of 135/90 over an hour apart. I am not too happy about that. The top numbers aren't accurate on my monitor, and I know that it is normal to have higher readings on the auto cuff, so I am not sure if I should be too concerned or not. I know that I probably should DEFINITELY get checked if my BP hits 95 diastolic. Best case, they send me home, worse case is that they induce. THey cannot do that at all where the old OB/hospital are. I had already asked about being induced so that my DH can be home, but MW had told me that they don't induce VBACs in that hospital. She never said they don't really plan them there at all. Comes to find out, the old OB would tell his patients to come in and refuse a repeat section, and they have to comply. If I had known, I would have started over at ***.

TY for any input. I really appreciate it. Kymberli

Re : When were you put on Bedrest for BP??

Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2009 08:43 pm
by kara
Hi Kymberli,

Nice to see you around, but sorry you are having problems. Did your OB give you a number for your BP's in which to go in for? Does he have you on bedrest, or did you put yourself on bedrest. At 38 weeks, with your past pregnancies, I'd rather see you being induced then to be worrying about all these things. You can go to your familiar ER and ask to see the OB or MFM on call, rather than your own OB.

Your presssures aren't super high, though I know you run low. If you cal the OB on call for your docs practice, do you think you'd get a different response? I'd keep a close eye on the BP's and the kick counts, and go in for anything new that arises, or anything that gets worse. Better to play it safe.

When were you put on Bedrest for BP??

Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2009 07:47 pm
by fwlady
I have had a really frustrating situation with my CNM MW/OB practice. I won't go into it, don't want to raise my BP more. Anyway, the MW was always okay with my BP in the high 120s/high 70s. Those aren't bad numbers, but I know I had mentioned here before, that I am normally VERY low. Like 95/55. Her baseline at 12 wks was 105/65. I had some that low or higher like I mentioned at my visits. My protein has always been trace, +1 at 20 wks once. But, otherwise, uneventful. I know that ladies here have much higher numbers, but during this PG, I have had a lot of headaches and blurry spots in my vision. But, they are fleeting and go away. Since my 3rd trimester, it was all getting better, less headaches, blurry spots only for minutes and could be allergies. Things have been going so well for so long.

I am not stressing over the MW/OB thing. That is way past over, although it was frustrating at the time. My DH is going on overnights for his job from Mon-Thur both this week and next, but then 3 day weekends which he never gets otherwise. I do know it is possible that I go into labor any day now, and hope that he will be home for the birth. I have lots of friends for me and the children when the time comes, and my Dh isn't into birth anyway. So, those plans are all taken care of. I really don't think I am stressing about anything.

But, when I started taking my BP again last night, it was in the 130/80s. Today, even in the afternoon, I have had a dull headache most of the day. I checked my BP several times, and I am consistantly in the high 80s. I went ahead and laid down to see where it would go from there. I was 121/72 at that time. I sat back up, and took it in 10 min, and back up to the 130s/high 80s. I have been telling my Dh about this, but he doesn't seem overlly concerned that I should stay on bedrest until the baby comes, or if it gets bad enough to go into the ER. I just found the hospital that does VBACs (wasn't told the hosp that I had my care with didn't) is an hour away. I couldn't get my care transferred over there. So, the hospital with my OB is Csection happy, and after 6 VBACs, I am not interested in going to major surgery. My Dh cannot take off until the beginning of the year if I were to have surgery. Before that, he only has 2 days. I have 7 other children to care for. Surgery, unless life or death, is not an option. I also don't want to walk into a different ER unless absolutely necassary.

So, do I just stay on bedrest and keep checking my numbers? I don't have a good relationship with this new OB, that legally cannot drop me, but we are not happy with the situation at such a late date. This comes to me at 38 wks. I was due yesterday.

What numbers should I go to the unfamiliar ER with? I haven't had any blurry vision, no swelling really. Just the dull headaches and elevated numbers. I wasn't sweating the whole thing, because my numbers were staying good for so long, that I figured that this was the way my last PGs went and I just didn't know it. This could still be the case, but I didn't have all these headaches last PGs either.

I know I should head in at 140/90, but before that, do I just try to do bedrest? Kymberli