Heading to hospital now

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Re : Heading to hospital now

Postby brandib » Tue Jun 25, 638926 4:26 pm

Hello everyone. Not much difference here. Well, the only kinda new thing is the jumpy black things. Most of my visual things have been right in my sight so that its everywhere I look, but since Friday, I keep seeing "jumpy black things" to the left side that make me fling my head to see, and the I finally figured out that nothing is probably there and its just these crazy symptoms and then yesterday started "ink blot" spots. Kinda weird cuz most of the spots are "spots" and these literally look like "splats". But as crazy as this sounds....I'm suppose to have a dr appt and NST tomorrow but I can't!!! I had to go see my new primary which is over half an hour away since I switched my care to a different hospital and they do billing differently. I'm used to "bill it" and pay it when the bill gets there, well they don't do that, so I didn't have cash on me, but my husband told me that we had some in the car. The receptionist told me thats its no big deal and to just pay it at my next visit which I thought was really nice. Well, come to find out, after I talked to my doc and tried to make my appt which is suppose to be tomorrow, they told me that I am on "financial hold" and I told them thats impossible because OB appts are "free" with my insurrance. Then they told me that since I didn't pay the primary co-pay that ALL APPTS are "on hold" until I can pay it. I asked them If I could bring it up to the main hospital and they said no, so now, my husband will be making the drive tomorrow to go pay the co pay and tomorrow I will be able to reschedule my appt. They wouldn't even let me schedule it until the TWENTY dollars is paid. I thought if I could at least schedule it, I could go pay the money and then head to my appt, but they said no. I doubt anything will be available tomorrow. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS TO BE OVER!!!!!!!!!

About the IMITREX----I'm not taking it, and my doc will just have to accept that. It doesn't help and I've dealt with these nasty headaches for months now, I can make a few more weeks I suppose. Not that I believe this is migraine related AT ALL.

about the bleeding-----has gotten better. Actually, a lot better, until yesterday I started nosebleeding again.....still don't know what to think.

Haven't been on here much because I read the stories of women who say things like " I was 35 weeks and it was too late" and etc. I've considered trying to find "natural" inducing things just because I'm scarred to have the baby inside me anymore for fear of losing my baby and I"m scared for me and then I tell myself that I'm sure that we're ok and the labs looked good, and then I read another story and go crazy all over again.....oh it's just been rough. I know a preemie at 32 weeks wouldn't be the best thing, but I feel like it's so unstable inside that the baby is probably safer on the outside.....I don't know.

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Re : Heading to hospital now

Postby glimmer » Tue Jun 25, 638926 2:15 pm

Brandi - how are you?

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Re : Heading to hospital now

Postby ktdwll » Thu May 23, 638926 3:01 am

Brandi, As a migraine sufferer no doctor that knows anything about migraines or headaches would tell you to take that much imitrex! Without going into to much medical babble the max dose of imitrex is 2 doses ( @ 100 mg) in a 24 hour period and NO MORE than 3 times a week! More than that can lead to REBOUND headaches which if you can beleive it are MOre painful tham migraines. A nuero should know this! Hope you find a good nuero! Just don't want you to have another added problem. I don't konw where you are but I know a great nuero in Findley ( and I live in Michigan ) I traveled 3 1/2 hours one way to see him. If this is close and you want his name, email me.)

Good Luck!


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Re : Heading to hospital now

Postby missgamecock » Wed May 22, 638926 8:10 am

Ok, FIRST, I am NOT a dr. I totally disagree with your dr that you can't have neurological sysmptoms without protein and bad lab work. WHY? IN TWO pregnancies, neurological disturbances happened FIRST. With Sara, I had "just PIH". My bp was scary high. I had very very bad headaches. I was losing sight in my eyes. I was hyperreflexxive and clonus. I was also swollen. Sara was delivered at 35 weeks 5 days on "just" severe pih. No protein in my urine when I delivered. My labs were not too awful. My one liver enzyme was high but not crazy high. My uric acid was high. Sara was my earliest baby and she was my "just" pih baby. PIH is JUST AS DANGEROUS AS PE.

With Cate, when I was admitted it was for mild pe. However, after delivery became severe because of bps in the 160-170s/110-120s. My bloodwork except uric acid was fine. Again, uric acid was high. My neurological symptoms happened BEFORE my protein hit diagnostic level and my bp went crazy. I had had a headache that would not go away, clonus, hyperreflexxive TWO WEEKS before my bp went up and my protein hit diagnostic level. Based on just my headache alone with the clonus and hyperreflexia, my peri wanted to deliver me asap. I refused. I was 34 weeks 6 days. I had to be 35 weeks to be delivered at my hospital with my ob. She called my ob. He said I could wait a couple of days and agreed with me. I was given the "you better call Dr. E if ANYTHING changes" over and over. They ran a ton of bloodwork. Saw my ob a few days later and was told to get an amnio and deliver if positive or have lab work (including 24 hr) every 2 days till he declared it an emergency delivery. I went with the amnio and had it 2 days later. It was good so she was delivered. However, the last decent bp reading I had gotten was the week before. It was not going down. We delivered in just the nick of time according to my peri and ob. Oh and my ob personally called and scheduled my amnio. That's how much he wanted to make sure that A) I would be going and it would be done B) That it didn't slip through the cracks with the nurses.

If ANYTHING changes. Do NOT call the oncall people. GO to L&D at a hospital that has a NICU. DEMAND that they do something for your care. Will they deliver? If it was my MFM, absolutely. Another may put you in the hospital and monitor you there. Your bps should be under control. Over 100 is not under control.

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Re : Heading to hospital now

Postby kellyo19 » Tue May 21, 638926 6:35 pm

Brandi I'm with the others. I wish you'd find a way to get a different doctor at a different hospital. Fellows have no business being in charge of your care. They are IN TRAINING and don't know their limits sometimes. I'm glad to hear baby's moving good, keep those kick counts going, but you reallys hould be in better hands than you are.

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Re : Heading to hospital now

Postby alexa5 » Tue May 21, 638926 9:58 am

So glad you updated, and at least had a chance to talk to your doctor. The things that continue to confuse me about your situation is: why you have a fellow in charge of your care, and why they are so convinced the neurological symptoms can't mean anything without protein AND they have not done anything to look into it yet (MRI or anything).

I had to go to the teaching hospital to deliver, and though there was a "team", it seemed clear to me that the attending was the one in charge, and he came in every day I was there to discuss where things were at. He wasn't my favorite doctor ever, but without him making those contacts, I would have felt there was noone in charge of my care because I feel like the residents and fellows are still in training and don't have enough years under their belt to be the "main" specialist in my care.

Headaches like yours have to mean something....and they should at least rule something out by doing an MRI. Geez.... hang in there girl!

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Re : Heading to hospital now

Postby kellikbock » Sat May 11, 638926 1:10 pm

I really loved my doctor because he was proactive before things got really out of hand....when my blood pressure hit 140/90 he monitored me like crazy, admitted me to have me watched & then started the mag. when he saw it climbing further...I don't know what to say, Brandi about the medical staff that are making these decisions for you. Their job is to give you the best care and for you to trust them with your health and your baby's health...it is what you pay for. I pray for protection over you and your baby...I know that this is so hard & scary, and I'm sorry. If I were you, I think that I'd be over it & would start having my husband investigate more with other doctors...I'm sure that those who love you are fed up as well & want you feeling safe and getting taken care of!

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Re : Heading to hospital now

Postby katznkt » Sat May 11, 638926 11:50 am

Different Doctor. Now. Not later. Course it is up to you and your husband, but omg. THREE readings of 170/110 WITH all the meds you are on??????

And Imtrex with your hypertension?????

I am not saying that she should deliver you today, but you should be under hospital care already. Not normal to be bleeding out of every opening. Not normal to have a migraine that bad (trust me, I know- I had a 6 month long migraine). ARGH!!! I want to call up your doctor and give her what for myself.

Hugs and prayers.

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Re : Heading to hospital now

Postby preemomof2 » Sat May 11, 638926 12:26 am

Speaking of 24 hour...HAVE YOU HAD A 24 HOUR URINE TEST?

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Re : Heading to hospital now

Postby preemomof2 » Sat May 11, 638926 12:25 am

Differnt Doctor, Different Hospital.

I can't believe they wouldnt want to monitor you AT LEAST 24 hour.

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