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Re : hello- I'm new here

Posted: Mon Jan 23, 638930 1:30 pm
by 1plus2plus1
Thanks Ladies!

I'll ask my doc about exercise, calcium and baby asprin. I do have a peri- he isn't concerned at the higher bp at this point but wants me to have a ekg.

Katz, I wasn't breastfeeding when I got pg.

Re : hello- I'm new here

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 638930 1:44 pm
by anonpreemiemom
Welcome Kelley! I have read stuff about adequate calcium intake being helpful for maintaining good blood pressure. I am on a calcium magnesium zinc supplement this pregnancy (as well as aspirin and other stuff). Additionally I would speak to your doctor about low impact exercise. My doc was very keen on me continuing to stay active throughout pregnancy as it is (normally) beneficial for BP...even just a walk 20 mins a day. Obviously anything regarding exercise needs to be cleared by your doc if you are chronic hypertensive since different rules may apply, but it has really helped me whether it's prenatal yoga or walking or whatever.

Re : hello- I'm new here

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 638930 12:19 pm
by katznkt
Don't know that there is much you can do to avoid PE at this point, except possibly start a baby asprin regimen if you doctor wants to if you have an underlying issue. Otherwise, I guess just take it easy. Good luck!

By any chance, were you still breastfeeding when you got pregnant with twins.

Re : hello- I'm new here

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 638930 8:53 am
by patty
Welcome Kelley. I am glad you found the forums. As far as I understand it, salt and diet do not have much to do with lessening chances of pre-e. Have you consulted with a MFM/Peri yet or had any tests done for underlying disorders? Some woman with clotting disorders are put on baby aspirin or blood thinners while they are pregnant to help keep pre-e away. I also know most doctors will let chronic hypertensives run bp's that are a little bit higher. Good Luck to you and hope you have a long pre-e free pregnancy.

hello- I'm new here

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 638930 12:35 am
by 1plus2plus1
Hi, My name is Kelley. I am 11w pregnant with baby #4. I developed high bp the day I delivered my first son and have had it ever since- going on 6 years. I was put on Methyldopa because I was breast feeding and remained on it through my following two pregnancies (one m/c and a set of identical twin boys). At 32w I developed pe with my twins. I delivered them at 35w after my water broke. After the twins I was switched to Lisinopril and successfully kept my bp under control until I was surprised with a bfp April 5.

Now I am back on Methyldopa 250 mg 3xs/day. My bp is now boarderline 140s/90s usually. I am so worried I will develop pe again.

I just found these forums and thought it would be good to get on here. Do you know of any ways to naturally lower bp? I watch my diet and salt intake, I am active with the kids but I am slightly overweight. Is there anything I can do now to increase my chances of avoiding pe?