Time between checking BP

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Re : Time between checking BP

Postby alexa5 » Tue Mar 10, 638939 8:28 am

I guess in my case that once I was in the hospital I was in there to stay, it didn't matter to me how they took it....especially prior to delivery because I figured they considered me severe pre-e that it didn't really matter (since I was being monitored closely).

Postpartum my experience was strange in that it all depended on the nurse. They all somewhat monitored bp regularly, but some were really crazy about it--would recheck really quickly, make me stressed, then would make my bp worse, and then would go IV med crazy. Other nurses were more laid back, I got better pressures with them, and they wouldn't give me IV meds. I preferred to lay down because quite honestly I wanted my bp as low as possible so I could get out of there...I was really miserable there. But laying down didn't help me much.

In my case I simply needed to go home, work with MY doctor on the right meds, and give it time, as it took several months to go down. The way things were going at the hospital, it was as if they would have kept me there until my pressures went down (and now I know that would have been months!)

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Re : Time between checking BP

Postby alviarin » Mon Mar 09, 638939 1:18 pm

Here's an older discussion on how to measure BP you may find useful: http://www.preeclampsia.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30601

It includes a link to experts' responses (from our Medical Board) on how to take blood pressure: http://www.preeclampsia.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=321

And a link to APECs summary of PRECOG on how to avoid errors in blood pressure measurement: "If two readings are necessary, use the average of the readings and not just the lowest reading. This will minimize threshold avoidance (the tendency to repeat a reading until one that is below a known threshold is recorded that requires no action)." http://www.apec.org.uk/education.htm

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Re : Time between checking BP

Postby rosalinda » Fri Feb 27, 638939 4:59 pm

I was taught in nursing school to wait 5 minutes before taking it again in the same arm.

If I was on bedrest then I think it would make sense to take my BP's laying down right? Because the whole point would be to see how bedrest is keeping my BP down....if not, sitting up would be more accurate (just my thoughts)

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Re : Time between checking BP

Postby tracym » Mon Feb 16, 638939 5:30 pm

Next time the dr comes around, ask him/her what they should be doing, then make sure each nurse does exactly that. I found once I said Dr So & So said it has to be done like this they stopped trying to each do it "their" way.

My GP also keeps taking bp's one after another until he gets one he likes and it drives me nuts.

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Re : Time between checking BP

Postby amypete » Mon Feb 16, 638939 11:17 am

I just went through this today. The nurse who does my NSTs always takes my pressure when I am semi-reclined with my feet up on a pillow. She gets significantly lower readings (120s/70s) than I get at home (135/85 is average). Another nurse did it today and I had her take it before laying me back and guess what -- 150/82. I wish we didn't have to clarify this over and over again. Luckily it was my last visit today. Induction set for Monday! Good luck to you.

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Re : Time between checking BP

Postby kellikbock » Mon Feb 16, 638939 10:47 am

Along with many other people on here, I was discharged from the hospital PP after getting a reading of 160/110 (while pregnant it MAY have gotten to 135/87). She had me lay down on the side and got a lower reading...so they let me go. I was back very soon thereafter!
My right arm is always higher, btw...I've always been a bit weird, though, lol

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Re : Time between checking BP

Postby riehlism » Mon Feb 16, 638939 7:48 am

I had a similar experience in the hospital and was very aggravated by it. After one check there should be a 30 second break to allow the blood vessels to relax. After that they really should switch arms. However, if you have an IV only one arm may be available. A textbook reading is sitting straight arms level with the arm rest and both feet touching the ground, uncrossed. But in the hospital, they do try to manipulate it to get the lowest/safest reading possible. Eg: lying on your left and using your right arm. Right arm readings are lower than left. Plus lying on your left decreases the load on your inferior vena cava, which can decrease blood pressure.

For me, it to got to the point that my BP would spike when I heard the velcro of the cuff. You're definitely not alone.

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Time between checking BP

Postby stargazer » Mon Feb 16, 638939 6:09 am

I am currently in hospital and having hourly BP monitoring. I just have a quick question about taking BP. I have had a couple of issues overnight with one of the midwives taking my BP. First she refused to let me sit up to have it taken after a bit of a disagreement she is now allowing me to sit. The problem now is each time she takes if the reading is high so she will instantly start taking it again some times doing it 3-4 times with no break in between until she gets a reading she is happy with. I always thought that there should be a small break in between taking BP to allow your vessels to return to normal. Does anyone know if this is correct and if it is how long the should be waiting to recheck it. I don't know if this is correct or not I thought I had read it somewhere. Thanks

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