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Re : Healthy Heart Rate

Posted: Mon Dec 14, 638939 12:55 pm
by zeekatt
I had the very same fear when I started working out. I eased into it, but found the more I worked out, the more I trusted my body. I started back in 2007 and was very out of shape. I did 30-45 minutes of cardio a day on the elliptical. I found it was super easy to get my heart rate up to 175. I didn't like that, so I kept it around 160. At first it didn't feel like i was exerting myself all that much to reach the 150-160 range, but after a little bit, I found I had to push myself harder and harder to get my rate up there. Before too long, I started taking classes and fell in love. Eventually, I learned to really trust my heart, and would often feel like I was letting myself down if I wasn't getting my heart rate *up there*. I miss a really good cardio workout soooooo much right now! :)

Anyhow - just keep it up. You might find it's the best medicine you'll ever find for your heart! Really, the risk of NOT working out our hearts is greater than the risk of pushing it.

Re : Healthy Heart Rate

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 638939 1:22 pm
by kellikbock
Oh, and thanks for the links Jazmin, I used the formula & found my target basically, I shouldn't be killing myself if I want to keep losing weight...that's some good news!
I just didn't want to be working my heart too hard...I already fear having a heart attack & it's been really making me anxious lately!

Re : Healthy Heart Rate

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 638939 1:17 pm
by kellikbock
I haven't had any real concern from my doctors about being tested any further. I was just very curious about my pulse because when I exercise it can reach 170's (this is while kicking my rear in the gym)...I didn't know how high was too high. My resting HR can be mid 50's - low 70's...

Re : Healthy Heart Rate

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 638939 12:58 pm
by l412angel
I went to see a cardiologist and had EVERY test in the book (non invasive) and came to the conclusion that it depends on the individual and if there is anything else going on. For me I am healthy, no heart damage from PE and just happen to have a higher resting heart rate. Non prego about 85...prego 95 to 105...when I run non pregnant it can be in the 180's to 200. I know honestly I think just because you have a higher or lower HR does not necessarily mean something may be wrong?

Have you had any testing?

Re : Healthy Heart Rate

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 638939 9:44 am
by alsgirl2002
The other thing to keep in mind is that the more you excercize, the lower your heart rate will be during cario. So at first when you are starting out, less exertion will give you a higher heart rate.

Re : Healthy Heart Rate

Posted: Sat Nov 07, 638939 2:20 pm
by riehlism
It's actually a formula. It's called the Karvonen Formula. It's a very long formula but there are calculators available.

The percentages at the bottom of the screen refer to intensity of the workout. For example 50%, is your heart rate at half of your max effort. It can get pretty hairy. So for simplicity, the lower the percentage the higher Fat Calories you burn. However, the higher your percentage the more calories you burn overall.

I know it sounds weird...the lower the intensity the more fat calories you burn?! It has to do with aerobic vs anerobic metabolism of fat cells versus other cells. But that is far too boring a conversation for this thread.

Here's another source to pull it together. ... 22601a.htm

Healthy Heart Rate

Posted: Thu Oct 29, 638939 10:13 am
by kellikbock
Hi...anyone know the healthy heart rate range for a non-preggo during exercise?