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Re : Please help me decide on what to do....

Posted: Sat Sep 04, 2010 02:51 pm
by rachelc
OK quick run down on my pregnancies. #1 Severe PE/HELLP no medication given at all. Had baby at 33 weeks. #2 Severe PE only. Was on bp medication. MFM decided that protein c was not low enough to give any anticoagulants. Had baby at 36 weeks. #3 Severe PE/ Elevated Liver Enzymes. Was on BP medication, vitamin D, baby aspirin, and heparin. Had low protein s and also had a TIA before put on anti-coagulants. Had baby at 33 weeks. I was on complete bedrest with #3 so I think that the combination of being on bedrest, having the low protein s, and having a TIA all put me at a high risk of developing another blood clot. So for me, the benefits outweighed the risks. I also have wondered if the anti-coagulants helped the perfusion to the baby because #3 was much larger than #1 even though they were gestationally the same age at the time of birth, #3 was almost 2 lbs. larger than #1 and also spent 7 less days in the NICU than #1. Unfortunately this is a situation that has no clear cut right or wrong answer. Good luck in your decision making!

Re : Please help me decide on what to do....

Posted: Sat Sep 04, 2010 03:34 am
by atvlady
Kara thanks. The MFM I was seeing totaly missed my HELLP and preeclampsia also. I will never see him again. The next close MF is 4 hours away. I am currently emailing back and forth to several MFM's to get their opinion. Though opinion is no indicator of what may or may not happen, the one's who has knowledge and experience in this is what I am looking at. A second opinion is kinda something I wouldn't do. My OB is the one who diagnosed and treated me what I had Darren. I saw a couple doctor's after her but none of them presented themselves as knowledgeable in this stuff. We did talk for a bit and she started telling e about studies that had been done some did and didn't do any good. I honestly think the reason she wants to leave it up to me is cause of liability. Not sure but I think that may be it. I am in a very small group. Not many women has had it as early and severe as I did. From the day I got pregnant I started going downhill. I just don't know what to do and am turning to other women's experiences' to give me a hint. One thing I don't want to do is start the injections, have to stop them and then have a blood clot or something due to me stopping injections. Sheeesh I have no clue. I have talked to a lady that had the same exact situation I did but she was 18 weeks. She got pregnant 2 years later, and still had it bad at 28 weeks. The baby didn't live. She was only taking aspirin. My hands are tied. Need some feedback!

Re : Please help me decide on what to do....

Posted: Sat Sep 04, 2010 03:16 am
by kara
I would tell my doctor that I don't feel comfortable or qualified making that kind of decision and ask for an honest opinion. They are the ones that go to school for 100 years and read the research (and get paid the big bucks);-). This is their job, and not one more thing you need to be worried about. Have you talked to your MFM? Get a second opinion? If your doc really doesn't feel strongly in either direction, it would make me think that(s)he's offering it to you so you can "feel like you are doing something", and I'm not sure that would be enough for me to take on the risks.

We can tell you our experiences all day long, but we don't have the same underlying disorders or history, or body as you. It's a mixed bag around here, really, and certainly not evidence for use one way or another.

My MFM was going to offer lovenox for me in a next pregnancy due to Lupus Anticoagulant. But I haven't talked to him since the new research on blood thinners came out. Your disorders are different than mine though.

Please help me decide on what to do....

Posted: Sat Sep 04, 2010 03:00 am
by atvlady
I need some help. Should I or shouldn't I use Heparin in my next pregnancy? Who had HELLP and used Heparin/Lovenox in their subsequent pregnancy and either did or didn't get HELLP? Can anyone share their experience? Did anyone use heparin/lovenox and still get pre-e?

My head is a tangled web and running out of time :/ My OB is leaving it up to me on what to do but I don't have enough info or others' experience to decide. I NEED HELP!