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Re : Forgot to take medecine-BP question

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 638943 7:20 am
by trish
Not good BP's Brandi!!! I know exactly what you mean about the pill case. It worked ok for me when I took meds twice a day but it was remembering to take the dose mid-day that I kept forgetting. UGH! 3 kids 4 and under was also the problem!! LOL!! I still use a 7 day pill case - I'd never remember if I took it or not otherwise!!

I am actually on Exforge now - its a combo med of amlodipine (a calcium channel blocker - same med as Norvasc) & valsartan (an angiotensin receptor blocker). I started on the 10/320 which is the highest strength available and haven't been able to move off that. :( But at least it's working. I take 12.5 HCTZ kind of as needed for swelling. My Dr. is fine with that (amlodipine can cause swelling). I take it a couple times a week if I notice hands or feet swelling or if my pressures are high. But I've stopped taking my BP at home. That was a HUGE step & it's been at least 6 months or so. I just check it while I'm out like at Wal-mart & at Dr. appts. now. Being allergic to beta blockers & ACE inhibitors has limited my options now.

I hope you find a solution soon. (((HUGS)))

Re : Forgot to take medecine-BP question

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 638943 3:28 pm
by brandib
Hey all, my BP is not cool today. I took my meds, but my last BP check was 146/115. My BP must have been reallly high before. Melissa, I do have a pill case....I just gotta use it :0) It's just been pretty hectic in my house. All three of my kids are sick with "hand foot mouth disease". Trish-----I read through your links. So, are still on Norvasc and Hctz???? The one thing I think helped me from NOrvasc was I didn't seem to get much chest pain. My sister told me the calcium channel blockers stop angina. I might talk to my doc about maybe getting back on it. Oh, something has to be able to keep me at a pretty 120/70 :-(

Re : Forgot to take medecine-BP question

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 638942 5:10 pm
by zeekatt
Mine will sometimes error when I don't have the cuff on snug enough.

Re : Forgot to take medecine-BP question

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 638942 6:50 pm
by trish
Just checking in on you? How's it going today?

Re : Forgot to take medecine-BP question

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 638942 9:42 am
by mellybute
Brandi, sounds like you already know this, but just want to chime in that in the early weeks post partum, my Reli-on machine would only ERROR out when my bp was crazy high. So high the machine could not register it. In fact, on one of those times I did do to the ER with pp PE.

You def need to call your doc or just head to the ER and let them get your bp under control. I would not be comfortable in your shoes.

Do you have a pill case?? I had to get one when my baby was a couple of months old because I could not remember if I took my meds or not. I didn't want to take them incase I had already so it just left me a mess for 24 hours or so. Now I have my Sunday thru Saturday case and I fill it up on Sunday and know for sure if I have taken my meds or not.

It has been an adjustment since I had never taken anything before daily.

And also now that my bp is well controlled, I have forgotten to take my pill once or twice and my is alittle higher than normal like maybe 130/80 but never anything crazy for just missing one day.

I think in your case your meds are not controlling the bp initially so missing a dose is really bad for you right now.

Keep us posted please. And CALL YOUR DOC!!!

Re : Forgot to take medecine-BP question

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 638942 12:10 am
by korie
It sounds like you either need a switch or to add more medication. Are you pregnant right now? If so,it may just climb the whole time. Mine does that. Also, because you forgot to take pills, it may take a couple days to even out again.

Also, how long have you had your machine? I know my old machine used to error when I got way too high, then it just started erroring all the time. I just bought a new machine, same one you have, and haven't had that issue again. If it is more than a few years old, you may want to get another machine, mine was about 4 years old.

Re : Forgot to take medecine-BP question

Posted: Sat Dec 15, 638942 5:15 pm
by trish
(((HUGS))) Your story is sounding so much like mine in so many ways. Here's a post from me 4 weeks PP (having issues remembering to take meds) ... orgot,meds

Here I am 6-7 months PP. Major BP & BP med allergy issues. ... orgot,meds

And here I am almost a full year PP, STILL having major BP issues & BP med allergy issues. ... l,reaction

Thankfully that last change FINALLY helped for awhile. I've changed meds again since then & just *thinking* about changing was totally stressful. I'm 2.5 years PP now & still take a combo BP med & occasional HCTZ too. I don't post this to scare you but just to let you know, you're not alone. Sometimes it is a very long process & a long, frustrating juggling act of trying to figure out what will work for you. Hang in there!!

Re : Forgot to take medecine-BP question

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 638942 11:03 am
by brandib
Just not cool. I"m not getting reallly reallly bad, but my BP just keeps climbing for some reason today. It's as if I never took the medecine. 150/110---and it's climbing ever so neatly! I mean, I get ups and downs and whatnots, but both numbers are just inching up there......

Re : Forgot to take medecine-BP question

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 638942 8:10 am
by brandib
I take the Propranolol once a day and Hctz once a day. I just checked BP again.....142/108. Just not cool.

ETA: My doctor said this Propranolol is extended release. She wanted to give me the pill that is Propranolol and Hctz combined, but she said that one is not extended release so she had to give me them seperately.

Re : Forgot to take medecine-BP question

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 638942 8:05 am
by patty
How often do you take the propranolol? That is what I take too and it works pretty good for me but it is one of those meds that you should take twice a day not once because it is not extended release. It is also a really great med for nursing so maybe upping it will get you more under control.