BP Meds?

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Re : BP Meds?

Postby zeekatt » Sat Dec 29, 638942 5:25 pm

I agree with the other poster. Your low is not all that low (on bottom). It looks a LOT like mine. However, mine does not get quite as high as your top number. My doctor was concerned about masking pre-e, but his solution is to monitor my labs more frequently. I've also done a 24-hour urine collection. I feel fairly confident I'm dealing with high blood pressure and not pre-e.

My BP went up around 30 weeks to 130/90. He was not going to medicate me originally, but I had to see my PCP to get a thyroid med refil, and at his office, I got a really high reading and he gave me Aldomet. I monitor at home, and average 130/90 with spikes up to 145/95 and lows of 118/88. My diastolic is just stubborn! I don't find that the Aldomet is all that effective, but I do feel like my BP might have continued to increase without it.

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Re : BP Meds?

Postby korie » Mon Dec 17, 638942 4:48 pm

I know that Aldomet is very common with BP and pregnancy, I am currently taking it. I am assuming your doctor would start you on a low dose so it probably wouldn't make your BP drop so much as to cause issues. Your low isn't that low.
As far as it masking pre-e, I don't think that is a huge concern. If you are getting the care you should be, taking regular urine test for protein and going in to check baby, you will be better off on the medication. If you are hypertensive outside of pregnancy, meds during are even more common. I am assuming someone else has more to add about the masking pre-e part, as I am not an expert in that area. When pre-e showed up for me, BP meds never controled my BP anyways.

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BP Meds?

Postby lexus9903 » Mon Dec 17, 638942 5:08 am

I am going on 15 weeks now, and struggling with my Doc, so I doubt what is recommended at times. My BP is never good, but goes from not good to horrible in an instant depending on my situation (as in if I am at work and stressed etc) When I am getting high readings, we're talking like 157/110. If I am home it is about 125/92 usually. He wants to put me on Aldomet. I am concerned that when I am on my lower levels that it might take me to low. Also, I am not a fan of meds unless they are TOTALLY needed. I don't want this masking pre-e, and putting me or baby in any risk.

What is the thought process on BP meds in pregnancy, but more importantly with pre-e. Does anyone know about this specific med?


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