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Re : Headache

Posted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 07:47 pm
by naomihope427
I would go in and get checked. I had nausea for 4 days straight,(but everyone and their experiences even from pregnancy to pregnancy may be similar or different) and I swear it was my body telling me something wasnt right. I had went in to get checked because of my nausea and headaches and I was admitted. I also developed nausea again in hospital after it had went away and started having full blown contractions for 12 hours, that eventually stopped but I believe the nausea as well as my other symptoms was a sign that things were getting to that point, where I eventually delivered. my first hospital stya was when I was admitted at 25 weeks, I got the steriod shots because of my protein levels but I made it to 34w 6 days, so 10 more weeks about! So you can do it too!!! Just go in and get checked :)

Re : Headache

Posted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 06:47 pm
by l412angel
All your symptoms are very concerning to me. I hope you head to L&D. Your pressures are very high and your nausea concerns me. I hope you go in to get checked out! Keep us posted!


Posted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 05:05 pm
by cacheandtayt
I woke up Saturday in the middle of the night with a severe headache. It is now Wed, almost 5pm and I cannot get rid of the headache. I have had severe PE with 2 pregnancies, my third was pe free. I do monitor my BP at home. It is way up from baseline but usually under 140/90. I have gotten in the past few days a few readings of anywhere from 140/90- 151/101. Usually though I am in the 130's/ 70/80 (up from baseline of 102/62 typically). My BP goes back down.

I will be 25 weeks Friday. I have no swelling- with my previous PE pregnancies I was gaining tons- up to 8 pounds in one week.

I did have the PE headache with my second son but I was very, very sick at that point and the pain was horribly intense, I also had the pain in my right side, started vomiting and was delivered within a few hours.

So, my question... since my BP seems to be okay and I am not swelling is this just a nagging headache or a cause or concern? It does mimic migraine (and I do get migraines). I have also been waking in the middle of the night because I am so nauseous. My morning sickness ended about 6 weeks ago so that is new.

I am just not sure if since my BP is okay if this headache should be checked out by dr. I would have to go into triage at this point since office is closed. I have also been having an almost constant racing pulse. My pulse is rarely below 96 now... usually over 100 and goes up to 115 even resting. I know that can just be a typically pregnancy this as well but it does seem to be worse. Of course the racing pulse makes it hard to catch my breath.

I also know pain can cause BP to go up so perhaps those higher readings are just my body responding to pain?