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Posted: Sun Oct 24, 638945 3:07 pm
by atvlady
I take LDA, Calcium, Magnesium Oxide, Vit-D and Folic acid.

Re : Supplements

Posted: Sun Oct 24, 638945 6:50 am
by caryn
There's honestly no evidence for any therapies at this point except a slight benefit from aspirin, and possibly blood thinners only in women with thrombophilias -- and that is still getting confirmed. Bp meds don't seem to affect the course of the disease or when you get sick, and are pretty much used in chronics (to lower pressures preconception) and to lower risk of stroke.

So what docs do is scrip individually based on your unique risk factors and on the basis of the study trends, and cross their fingers.

There is some new evidence showing a benefit from weight loss between pregnancies. The effect was much stronger than the effect from aspirin, but was still pretty small. IIRC risk of recurrence fell from 14.7% to 12.7% overall in the whole population of women with a history of PE.

So losing weight works a lot better than aspirin, but isn't a magic bullet. Still, being in the best possible shape preconception *has* to make recovery easier if you do get sick.

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Posted: Sun Oct 24, 638945 5:48 am
by jess1976
Thank you for all of your responses. I normally have great blood pressure, but if I do become pregnant again should I ask my mfm to put me on bp meds? do the bp meds help keep pre e at bay or do they just mask the symptoms. Also what do you think about blood thinners? I take LDA but I know alot of you take injectibles. Has that been shown to help, I do have idiopathic high platelet count which I see a hemotologist for.

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Posted: Sun Sep 19, 638945 2:12 am
by milesymommy
I was taking Vit D, Calcium, and fish oil (and prenatals). At my first appointment after getting pregnant with DS#2, the doctor told me to only take pre-natals.
So, ask your doctor. I think most lean away from supplements during pregnancy unless your blood tests show that you are specifically deficeint in something.

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Posted: Wed Sep 08, 638945 1:28 pm
by caryn
Actually, it's not fish oil, because fish oil's supposed to *raise* PE risk, or at least that's what the small pilot studies suggested. Possibly this has to do with a connection between consumption of fish oils and rate of brain growth; preeclampsia seems to be strongly connected to the problem of how to get a human neonatal brain out of an adult human female pelvis, and big baby brains are harder to fit.

It's also not vitamin C or E, because those have been shown to make preeclamptics sicker quicker. (Though not to change the background rate of PE. Onset is earlier, and pressures are higher, in the supplemented group.)

It's not calcium, because the big studies into calcium supplementation found no effect, even though the smaller metaanalyses showed a strong benefit.

And everything else is still in the incredibly preliminary stage, especially since studies have shown no difference in nutrient intake between us and women who don't get it. I'd narrow it down to vitamin D, which is connected to autoimmune conditions and might have something to do with genetically variant vitamin D receptors...

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Posted: Tue Sep 07, 638945 6:36 am
by rosalinda
You can do a search on supplements on this site and you'll find that many posters have been on different combos during pregnancy in the hopes of getting further along. None have been proven to 'prevent' PE, and ALL supplements taken during pregnancy should be approved by your doctor.

I myself was on these during my past pregnancy (let's see how many I can remember): B6, B12, Magnesium, LDA, Omega3, folic acid, prenatal, BP meds, thyroid med, calcium & vitamin D.

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Posted: Sat Aug 28, 638945 2:30 am
by korie
My guess would be fish oils, not sure if they count as a suppliment though. Fish oils help with blood pressure. If you decide to take them, know they are not all equal. Nordic Naturals are a good pharm grade and organic oil and I have heard good things about Wholemega fish oils as well. You must make sure it is a safe oil, some are not safe and especially could be dangerous during pregnancy if they contain too much mercury.


Posted: Fri Aug 27, 638945 5:09 pm
by jess1976
I think I remember seeing a post some where here about supplimentation that "may" help prevent or slow pre-e. Anyone know which supplements these are?