TTC after pre-e and HELLP

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Re: TTC after pre-e and HELLP

Postby jenmatt1 » Fri Nov 19, 2010 05:35 pm

Honestly for us, we got pregnant the moment we stopped trying so hard. But it was not an easy journey. First, I got pregnant as soon as I stopped breastfeeding my daughter- within 8 months of having HELLP- that pregnancy ended in miscarriage. Same thing happened a few months later, so I took that as sign that my body was not yet ready to hold another pregnancy. Finally after waiting 6 months we started trying again and not getting pregnant- when I had never had problem getting pregnant before. I was frustrated just like you are, so we gave up scheduling and charting and actually thought that it was likely that our daughter would be an only child. Surprise, the next month we got pregnant. I think it is a lot of stress emotionally and physcially on your body and your body will let you know when it is ready. Putting too much pressure on you and your hubby is not the answer.

As far as feeling unattached- even once I knew I was pregnant I kept myself detached at first - because I was afraid of another miscarriage, then I was afraid of PE/HELLP again and I had a healthy daughter already- so I can only imagine how you feel. It is only with time, patience and hope that I have let myself start to enjoy this pregnancy. Even though I still worry every day that everything is ok, I have started to enjoy the little moments of pregnancy again- and have let myself become attached to this little man inside me.

Good luck with TTC and we are all here to support you even when you just need to vent.
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Re: TTC after pre-e and HELLP

Postby riehlism » Thu Nov 18, 2010 09:56 pm

Delissa, what's your TTC plan/regimen? Have you been charting or taking meds? Or are you doing it the old fashioned way? I've been charting for 3 months and realized my cycles are just all over the place. Now my OB is starting me on my first round of Clomid.

If you haven't charted yet, maybe start there to see if you're even ovulating. Then maybe you can talk to you OB if there's another way to go about it to get your timing right. Just a suggestion.

Keri, where on earth did you get that awesome emoticon? That one is so useful for this site.
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Re: TTC after pre-e and HELLP

Postby kerisue » Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:51 pm

Image Don't give up yet! That's not actually that long in the scheme of things is it? My doc told me that under the best of conditions you only have a 25% chance of conceiving during a given cycle- and I bet that's for prime-age perfectly healthy sorts too. I haven't started trying yet, but when I do I'm sure the loss of Millie will magnify each unsuccessful try however.
I wish you good luck.
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TTC after pre-e and HELLP

Postby atvlady » Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:07 pm

We have been trying since August 30th to get pregnant. Already I am ready to give up. It seems like it has became a chore cause I yearn so bad for another baby. I know we should enjoy this but still....there is that side. Did anyone have difficulty getting pregnant after and did any of you feel the same way? I feel so unattachted :cry:
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