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Re: 36 weeks, feeling off and a bit yeuk!

Posted: Sun Dec 05, 2010 09:59 pm
by caryn
I'm so pleased that you're this far along, Jules! Keep up those kick counts and don't hesitate to go back in. You're almost there, and this bit at the end is dodgy, and worth being extra-careful with. It would be nice if the weather would oblige.

Re: 36 weeks, feeling off and a bit yeuk!

Posted: Sun Dec 05, 2010 01:47 pm
by jules2
Thanks again. I'm still not very happy really. BP 130/80 this evening, but baby has hardly moved today. She might just be running out of space but I was advised to go back in if I felt she was moving less. But I can't keep pitching up there every day!

Its all getting very stressful now!

Re: 36 weeks, feeling off and a bit yeuk!

Posted: Sun Dec 05, 2010 08:15 am
by catherine
I've been where you are with my last pregnancy, "disturbingly" healthy for most of it! Despite this, I still worried ALL THE TIME! Looking back, I wonder why my employers even paid me because I was surely phoning-it-in! I also managed to frighten myself with some symptoms reminiscent of my previous descent into HELLP at about the same gestational stage. Mother Nature took pity on me and sent a dose of PROM which allowed me to deliver about a week later at 36 weeks exactly.

So, I guess what I'm saying is that now that you've come so far in your pregnancy, other factors may yet kick in and that you aren't really being held to a rigid deadline of "you must make 39 weeks", in reality it's "you aren't going past 39 weeks and if you show up with ANY thing that might justify immediate delivery" then that darling baby is going to be on the outside of you faster than you can say PUSH/ KNIFE! Biological processes being what they are, you could start contracting tomorrow.. and it would all be a done deal. If it might help, just take things appointment to appointment.

I'm from Ireland originally, and I know of what you speak when you talk of trying to handle the unaccustomed bad weather.... last winter my mom told me of a friend of hers who was being discharged from hospital and couldn't make it home because the roads were so bad her family couldn't pick her up, the taxis and buses weren't running and she ended up sleeping the night at the Chemo Unit at the facility! So, possibly, if you stay well, keeping that baby inside you might be the wisest strategy! If your partner is nervous about driving you around, project how they might manage with a fully-laden car seat in the back.. and plan accordingly!

Keep on checking back in, we all want to know how you are doing... now that you have your password sorted there's no reason to be a stranger!!

Re: 36 weeks, feeling off and a bit yeuk!

Posted: Sun Dec 05, 2010 04:07 am
by jules2
Thanks to you both.

I am back at home now - my BP was 119/76 at hospital, no protein, baby was monitored for 2 hours and had good heart rate variability. I had the bloods done, reflexes checked etc. and they were all normal. They were concerned about my persistent headache (but it might be a cold). The baby's knee is sticking across the nerve end at one of my ribs explaining the quite significant side pain pain - but they didn't think it was my liver. I have a routine appointment on tuesday so will go back then. They reckon at 36+ weeks I'm going to avoid PE this time but never any guarantees so if anything worsens told to come back straight away.

Yes, I am a bit worried about 39 weeks. Everything is fine right now but I am now 39 years old, with previous severe PE/ HELLP at 25 weeks and stillbirth, and diagnosis of CKD. I have more than enough enough "high risk" markers & may start really pushing for 38 now given headaches too.

Anyhow - good luck to you both also -

Jules x

Jules x

Re: 36 weeks, feeling off and a bit yeuk!

Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 07:32 pm
by jenmatt1
I am same way- I am 34 weeks and 5 days and my BPS are starting to do same thing as yours- nothing anyone except me is concerned about. I never really had any of those URQ pains so I am nervous that I end up with HELLP again without those big symptoms. I also have fears about delivering at 39 weeks unless something happens. I wish we would deliver at 37 or 38 too. Hang in there- I know how you feel

Re: 36 weeks, feeling off and a bit yeuk!

Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 05:09 pm
by angieb
I think that's a good idea (going in just to be safe.) And it's good to hear that they have a low threshold for delivery, don't be afraid to remind them of how things went your last pregnancy if you have to remind them to get them to take you seriously (assuming something is amiss, I mean.) We're delivering at 36 only because I had a classic c-section so they want to get the baby out before I go into labor, I *could* get them to hold off until 37 assuming everything is going perfectly, but I probably won't want to.

Re: 36 weeks, feeling off and a bit yeuk!

Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 12:34 am
by jules2
Thanks Angie - yes I'm fine; haven't posted much as generally feel so fortunate this time to have had an easy pregnancy with no complications up to 36 weeks (especially at my age!) - and when I read of others developing PE or HTN early again, going on bedrest, or just struggling to get pregnant :-( I've not even been able to feel very anxious as I've been just so damn "well" and with a BP stable at around 100/60 up to now! The contrast between pregnancies is just immense.

I am thinking maybe I should go in tonight or at least tomorrow am despite the bad weather. Will post an update but suspect that with normal BP and no protein they will just do the bloods and send me home again. Just want to be on the safe side.

The hospital I am at is very highly rated in the UK but takes a very conservative stance - ideally they do not want to deliver me until 39 weeks; I would prefer 38 or so. But they also promise a low threshold for delivery of course if things do start to head in the wrong direction.

Thanks x

Re: 36 weeks, feeling off and a bit yeuk!

Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 12:12 am
by angieb
I have been wondering about you and was about to post a "where is Jules" post!

I know that my OB wants me calling in if I start feeling off (but we also plan to deliver at 36 wks anyway), I don't know what your doctor's feelings are on that though as far as when to call in, I think it couldn't hurt though.

For me the HELLP pain was stabbing throughout my shoulder blade and upper rib cage, it started out for just a few hours a day mainly at night and quickly become pretty constant but it was always better during the week when I was on my feet and busy and worse on the weekends. (I probably toughed it out for 2 or 3 weeks before I ended up in the hospital with it, and even had a doctor appointment, but everything seemed normal except the pain and her growth.) I did have really bad heartburn the few days leading up to URQ pain. So...especially with your history in mind, I would go ahead and call in just to be on the safe side.

I'm so glad you've made it to 36 weeks with no concerns until now though! :)

36 weeks, feeling off and a bit yeuk!

Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 12:01 am
by jules2

I've not been posting much because generally everything has been going so well [and having to reset my password seemed so much hassle!].

But now 36+3 and not feeling so great since yesterday. My systolic BP has not been above 100-110 this pregnancy but is now reaching about 125-135. Not enough to get anyone very worried but an upward trend. No protein though - I've been testing that too and still totally negative, not even trace.

I have a slight headache (though feel like I've also got a mild cold) and slight pain in my right side (though baby is kicking there and also have permanent bad heartburn at this stage - and its the heartburn I think that is really bothering me). Still feeling baby move, though with less power (she's 6.5 pounds, I'm very small, docs think she's out of space). I had a scan last wednesday with baby on 50th percentile growth, normal fluid, normal EDF etc. Generally feel a bit "off", though only mildly.

So nothing totally alarming is happening but obviously I've been through very severe and very radpily escalating pre-eclampsia so not complancent at all about how rapidly things can worsen. Do you think this is enough to pop in to hospital before my next appointment next tuesday? To do so at the moment is a huge hassle due to the heavy snow & black ice in the UK (and in fact has its own risks - we've been advised not to travel here unless absolutely essential as conditions are so bad). And the only other thing they can do for me is run the blood tests, I guess.

Can anyone remind me what the pain of HELLP feels like - thouhh I had it before I had back and neck pain (& vomiting) and not particularly side pain so that's not a symptom I'm very familiar with.

The heartburn is really annoying right now! And has been for a few days!

Thanks all