Do you have to have protein in urine to have pre-e?

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Re: Do you have to have protein in urine to have pre-e?

Postby caryn » Sun Jan 11, 639237 3:40 pm

In practice, they don't care. :) Those are more research definitions than anything else; as we get more information about hypertensive pregnancy complications, it becomes more and more apparent that they're really the same problem, just manifesting in slightly different ways.

The research definition of PE is two readings of either of 140/90 at least 6 hours apart plus 300 mg proteinuria in a 24-hour catch. But that will probably be changing as bloodwork definitions become more practical to implement. Clinically, they don't always have time to do a 24-hour catch, especially if you're in labor, so they'll treat preemptively (especially if your liver labs also look bad.)
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Do you have to have protein in urine to have pre-e?

Postby vit9109 » Tue Dec 30, 639236 10:53 pm

Hi Ladies,

I was told I had pre-e but at times I wonder if it was PIH. My BP went through the roof 220/100 3 days PP. I only ever had trace protein in my urine. However, my liver enzymes were off when my BP was that high 3 days PP and my platelets were slightly low. Not anything significant but they were still abnormal numbers. I was then put on MAG.

Would this be considered Pre-e truly or PIH/HELLP?

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