With pre-e, how can you tolerate labor?

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Re: With pre-e, how can you tolerate labor?

Postby jlruff » Tue May 19, 639237 7:43 am

I was told, also, that the epidural would help lower my bp. It worked and no real problems arose in labor. Also, with the epidural you will be ready for a c-section if needed. Best of luck.

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Re: With pre-e, how can you tolerate labor?

Postby celticepona » Wed Mar 11, 639237 5:29 am

Brandib hit the nail on the head and it happens exactly that way. With my first delivery I was not given mag or an epidural but I was given a relaxant called stadol which helped me to rest during labor and delivery. The second time I went through my MFM who put me on the mag/epidural route. He explained to me that the epidural would help to lower my bps during labor and I immediately agreed. Doctors and nurses will be there on hand to watch over you and keep an eye on your vitals carefully.
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Re: With pre-e, how can you tolerate labor?

Postby brandib » Tue Mar 10, 639237 4:30 am

Well, when ur in labor they give you meds for your bp, magnesium sulfate through your IV to prevent seizures, and push an epidural which also lowers BP. The Bp cuff on ur arm goes off every five minutes and you have fetal monitors. I think its safe. Also when you have preeclampsia they watch you soooo much more carefully in labor, usually with a nurse that doesn't leave the room. The best way to get the baby out is vaginally, for mom and baby, so docs try for vaginal deliveries as much as possible, but if mom and baby go into distress, thankfully they can do a c-section.

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Re: With pre-e, how can you tolerate labor?

Postby kathrynb » Fri Feb 27, 639237 7:39 am

My doctor told me that automatically doing a c-section is only necessary if its important to get the baby out for the sake of the mother or the baby's health. She said that is rare when they have identified pre-eclampsia before it becomes severe and are watching it carefully. She said its most likely to be induced, but then when you are induced your chances of needing a c-section in the end do go up.

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Re: With pre-e, how can you tolerate labor?

Postby caryn » Fri Feb 27, 639237 12:53 am

The current standard of care says to do a vaginal delivery unless indications arise for a Caesarean, because this allows your body only to have to recover from preeclampsia and not from preeclampsia + major abdominal surgery.
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With pre-e, how can you tolerate labor?

Postby vit9109 » Fri Feb 27, 639237 12:33 am

Hi Ladies,
I developed PP pre-e with our first baby. My husband and I are thinking of TTC our second, however, I m very nervous about laboring if I develop pre-e again.

How is that your body can labor if you have pre-e? If you are already displaying signs of high blood pressure with either induction or natural labor progression, how is laboring safe?

Is it safer to have a c-section? Although it is surgery and warrants it's own risks. If you have high BP, wouldn't this seem like the safest thing.

I have been doing alot of research and have come across many women that labor with rising blood pressures. This scares me.

Does anyone have thoughts on this? I'm a little confused....

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