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Re: Can you share your labor experience.....

Posted: Fri May 08, 639237 12:30 pm
by kerisue
basically the worst moment of my entire life. I was forced into delivering at 24 weeks due to severe early onset PE and secondary congestive heart failure. I absolutely DID NOT want them to deliver my child. I knew the chances for a good outcome for my daughter were very slim. I was scared spitless. the emotional aspects overroad anything physical.

i realize now that it was necessary, but at the time i did not feel that way and it was needless to say not a good experience.

but.... that kind of thing happens to a very, very small percentage of women.

Re: Can you share your labor experience.....

Posted: Sat Apr 25, 639237 7:02 pm
by mcam10
i was induced for both pregnancies for pre-e, one at 38 weeks the day i was diagnosed, and my second at 37 weeks after 5 weeks of bedrest. the good thing is the pre-e never got severe, but unfortunately, in terms of labor, the epidural did not work for either of my kiddos, so that part wasn't quite so fun. i was monitored normally for my second pregnancy until week 32 when my bp was a little higher. i was diagnosed when my 24 urine came back over 300 a few days later. from then on, i was monitored at a minimum weekly, but usually twice a week with added ultrasounds, steriod shots just in case, and a few visits to the hospital for NSTs and to watch contractions. i was also checked frequently in the hospital after my second was born for my bp, given medication, and had about weekly visits with my doc to monitor my bp until 6 weeks pp, when my bp was finally back to normal without medication.

the main thing i would say is to just keep on top of things and don't be afraid to ask a million questions or ask for additional tests if you are worried. it is their job to take care of you, no matter if you are paranoid and want a million tests or if you sit back and say nothing. might as well get your money's worth :). and if it gives you peace of mind on top of that, then even better.

Re: Can you share your labor experience.....

Posted: Sat Apr 25, 639237 11:27 am
by jamilyn
I had all 3 c-sections so I never went into Labor. My 1st was a total Emergency C-section after an Eclamptic seizure and they had to put me totally out. My 2nd one was an emergency c-section but luckily they didn't put me totally out for it and my 3rd delivery my son had already passed away and they gave me the option for a "natural" delivery and I said no and they did another c-section.
From what Ive seen though if you are able to delivery naturally then they keep an extra close eye on you and usually will have an OR on standby just in case they need to rush you in for a C-section.

Re: Can you share your labor experience.....

Posted: Sat Apr 25, 639237 7:38 am
by lilysmommymindy
I was delivered via emergency csection....they tried to induce but it wasn't working and they had to get her out to save us both. I was 36wks 0days. Unfortunately I was in crisis mode when I got to the hospital, severe PE and HELLP Syndrome. However, my 2nd pregnancy was very closely monitored by MFM and OBGYN. Because I showed absolutely no signs of PE or HELLP I decided to wait to be delivered via scheduled csection until 39wks 5days. Definately do some research on here, have a pre-conception visit with your OBGYN and a MFM if you can, and advocate for yourself. You should be considered high-risk so they will probably monitor you closely anyway, but it's always helpful if you're armed with knowledge and tell them what you want. My drs were pretty impressed with my knowledge about different statistics, studies, etc.

Good luck to you!! Take care,

Can you share your labor experience.....

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 639237 3:39 pm
by vit9109
Hi Ladies,

For those of you that developed pre-e durng pregnancy, what was your labor experience like?

I developed pre-e postpartum with our son and we would like to have another child however, I am very nervous about the laboring process.

If this was your second time delivering and were already high risk for pre-e, did you find your labor was monitored more closely because of being high risk?

Is there anything your doctor did to reduce the situation progressing to crisis mode?