Anyone feel pulse all over body?

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Re: Anyone feel pulse all over body?

Postby celticepona » Mon Jun 22, 639237 5:30 am

I do. Im 23 weeks. I also get racing pulse sometimes and brought it up with my peri. Now I just try to take it easy as what used to be simple things like doing laundry and climbing stairs can raise my pulse. Just keep in touch with your doctor and let them know if you don't feel right. :)
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Re: Anyone feel pulse all over body?

Postby vit9109 » Sun May 31, 639237 8:10 am

Right before my water broke, I had a very racy pulse. I didn't make to much at the time. But it was probably another sign of pre-e. Two weeks prior to my delivery I had the swelling, headaches, etc. and they chalked it up to normal signs of pregnancy. After I delivered right before they diagnosed me with pre-e I felt my pulse in my stomach.

I never felt it all over but everyone's bodies are different. As far as BP, I have come across the 30/15 increase in numbers is warrant for looking into things and watching things closely. If you are anxious or feel uncertain about things, I would follow your gut. It's best to talk with your OB, express your worries, and advocate for yourself asking them to test your blood (liver enzymes, platelets). I had pre-e but never showed large amounts of protein in urine. I am not sure because mine went into full gear after delivery that if that had something to do with only trace levels of protein. But even while pregnant, my dipsticks never showed signs of it.

If you don't already, I would invest in a BP cuff and check your BP at home throughout the days. Morning, noon, and night. Log your pressures and call your OB if you see any changes in them. If you have any signs of increased uneasiness, visual changes, headaches, increased swelling, sense of feeling off, racy pulse, I would certainly call your OB or go directly to the ER.

It will always ease your mind to get checked. If there is nothing and all is normal (labwork, pressures, etc) then that is something that can ease your worries for the time being. As them that you want to be monitored more closely and that will help ease you too.

Hope this helps!!! Just remember no question is a bother. Call at anytime day or night to ask them. If you are still unsure or feel resistance, go to the ER. It's always best to be checked. Listen to your body!!

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Anyone feel pulse all over body?

Postby jdeh » Sat May 30, 639237 6:52 pm

Has anyone felt that before during pregnancy? My pulse doesn't necessarily feel fast or racing (it's around 90, resting) but I feel it all over- hands, feet, chest & tummy. I can count without even feeling for a heartbeat. I'm a little swollen, but no major edema at this point. Is this normal, or has it been a cause for concern for anyone?

I'm 31 weeks...My BP has been running high for me (118/88 when baseline is 90/60ish), but today I went to the doc and it was down some so they are not concerned. Also urine dip showed no protein. I'm starting to feel "not right" but it doesn't seem like there's anything to be done about it at the moment-- BP is not sky high, no major pains or headaches.

I think I'm scared because during pregnancy #1 it came on so suddenly- I don't want to get sick but I am tired of waiting for it to happen, KWIM? And I don't think I really trust myself to know if I'm ill or not. ARGH!

Thanks in advance for any feedback :)
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