milk supply

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Re: milk supply

Postby aajatwins » Mon Oct 09, 639256 11:48 am

The pump does not work for milk supply like the baby does, although it's true that many women have great success just pumping. If there is nothing else you are waiting for, I would go ahead and see if she'll latch on to the breast. If it helps your supply, she will also gain more weight that way. You need to be taking in several hundred more calories than you would if you were eating just for you. So eating plenty and drinking plenty (but it needs to be mostly water). There is a "natural remedy" called Fenugreek that you (well, maybe you - I could) can buy in most health food stores. It's just an herb. You don't have to take a lot of it and you can stop once your supply is up. I tastes like maple syrup and you will smell like that as long as you're taking it - it made me crazy to smell it! but it worked fabulously.

Also, a benefit of letting Emy nurse instead of taking your milk from the bottle: all the milk you produce that is high in fat content (that makes her gain weight) is what she would get at the very end of a nursing session. It always comes out last - I think because it's heavier, more dense. So if you put her to the breast and let her nurse on demand, she will up your supply and may gain weight faster. When I needed my boys to gain weight faster, I would pump for 5 or 10 mins before nursing. That way they got all the big fatty milk that they needed.

google La Leche League and read up on their website or get one of their books. They have a ton of great info.
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Re: milk supply

Postby kathrynb » Mon Oct 09, 639256 3:50 am

I use Mother's Milk tea that I get at GNC. I also take fenugreek and alfalfa. It worked wonders for me. My understanding is that its not really that babies suck better than a pump. Its that your body responds differently and it gets your hormones going. Jacob had trouble nursing, but I would let him do what he could with nursing and then pump and give him the rest in a bottle. Once my supply was pretty good, I gave up nursing because he just couldn't really do it and pump exclusively.

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Re: milk supply

Postby grantk » Wed Sep 27, 639256 2:16 pm

Try to do a lot of skin to skin contact, it really helps and emy may latch on too. Just semi recline and enjoy snuggle time (it will also keep her at a good temp). Oatmeal helps, I had a bowl everyday when I pumped and usually did oatmeal cookies. The cookies had peanut butter in them so it was good protein source, just google lactation cookies. Definitely call a lactation consultant, it can be a big help and getting baby on the breast should increase your supply. Also try pumping every 2 hours or do power pumping. Have you checked out it is a good source too. Best of luck!!!

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Re: milk supply

Postby m » Sun Sep 17, 639256 7:00 am

First, be sure you are drinking plenty of fluids. I was prescribed Reglan to help my milk supply. You might want to ask your doctor about that. I have read that babies can suck much better than a pump, so if you can get your baby breastfeeding she might get more milk. My daughter was bottle fed for quite a few weeks and then I finally got her to breastfeed using a nipple shield - it made all the difference in the world.
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Re: milk supply

Postby heather j » Sun Sep 17, 639256 3:50 am

Have you been in contact with a lactation consultant? You should be able to reach one through the hospital where you delivered. The pump and I (from my first baby) were not friends. Some people have great success with pumping, but some don't. I know Caryn's said before that she didn't get much with a pump either. If you can get her to latch on and start breastfeeding, I think that it will likely get things running again - especially since you mentioned that everything was fine in the beginning. Oliver was pretty much nursing every two hours around the clock the first few weeks which sounds like a lot, but it really helped us establish supply/demand. I would probably still keep up with the pumping when she isn't nursing, but try getting her to your breast and see if that doesn't help increase your supply. Make sure you're getting plenty of fluids, too, and rest when you can (ha, right!?). If nothing else, track down a lactation consultant and get their opinion on this. Those early weeks are soooo hard.
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milk supply

Postby christina89 » Sat Sep 16, 639256 11:58 am

Sorry for yet another post. I have had a great milk supply since 24 hrs after Emy was born. As of today I'm litterly struggling to get enough for her. Luckily I have pumped in the past 10 days and froze it. I'm having troubles eating lots. I don't know what to do. I don't know where its going. Any ideas for me to help it come back in. Ill do anything at this point. I'm not breast feeding I'm just pumping and giving it to her in a bottle until she's back to her birth weight then I'm going to breast feed if it comes in better.

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