For those that watch their sodium....?

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Re: For those that watch their sodium....?

Postby alviarin » Sun Jan 10, 639266 3:35 pm

Now that I'm a "chronic hypertensive" I've noticed I'm salt sensitive.

My cardiologist wouldn't give me an exact number for sodium intake, but basically told me to avoid the salt shaker and beware of eating out too much.
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For those that watch their sodium....?

Postby vit9109 » Fri Dec 18, 639265 2:02 pm

Hi Ladies,
I was wondering to those of you that watch your sodium intake, what is your intake per day? I have heard that restricting it too much can cause problems however, I know there are some restrictions of 1.5-2g/daily.

Based on what my cardiologist said, I follow a 1500mg daily intake. Just curious to see what others follow.

Thank you

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