Can you share your diet now being pregnant again?

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Re: Can you share your diet now being pregnant again?

Postby cmccaffrey » Fri Jan 08, 639266 3:14 pm

I eat pretty much the same as I ate when I wasn't pregnant. I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with a few snacks throughout the day. I can't really say how much protein or carbs I take in, but I only take in about 1800 calories a day because I am just not hungry and when I do snack I try to eat veggies and low cal. Sodium wise, I really can't stand anything too salty now that I am pregnant, so I maintain a fairly low sodium intake, but again... I really couldn't tell you how much. An example of my daily diet would be. Breakfast: a banana and a bowl of whole grain cereal. Lunch: Caprese salad sandwich Dinner: Chinese chicken salad. Dessert: homemade crepes.

I also consume a TON of water every day. I don't always have dessert, but if I have a salad or something light like that for dinner, I am usually hungry again by 10:30pm and desperately need a snack.

I don't have gestational diabetes, so my doctor really doesn't bug me about my diet, other than trying to make sure I eat well balanced, healthy meals and that I don't gain too much weight.

Sorry if that isn't very helpful.
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Can you share your diet now being pregnant again?

Postby vit9109 » Fri Dec 18, 639265 4:11 pm

Hi Ladies,
I was wondering if you could share what your diet consists of throughout the day?

Protein intake?
Carb Intake?


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