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Re: !

Postby caryn » Sat Dec 12, 639553 11:03 am

Here's my experience with supplementation: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=9742&p=154961&hili ... ce#p154961

As soon as there's good evidence that holds up in trials of something - anything! - that works, we'll be all over it. This disease is tricky as all * though, and even buying 48 hours for steroids safely, for the early rapid onset HELLP cases, is taking over 2000 years to accomplish.
Science! The articles you don't want to miss:
The Preeclampsia Puzzle (New Yorker) and Silent Struggle: A New Theory of Pregnancy (New York Times)
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Caryn, @carynjrogers, who is not a doctor and who talks about science stuff *way* too much
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Re: What is your diet with hx of pre-e? Protein intake?

Postby blythe » Sat Nov 21, 639553 6:23 pm

Hi again! You've asked this question quite a few times in a number of different ways, I'm wondering what we're missing in our responses?

As Caryn answered before, the research doesn't support adding protein, and some of our Experts think it could be harmful to our already-stressed kidneys. Because the vast majority of women don't get sick again no matter what they do, it has been easy for various people over the years to say that doing x was what kept them healthy in subsequent pregnancies, but odds are very good that they wouldn't have gotten sick anyway.

If you're wanting a more in-depth dissection of the diet I can find our old discussions, just let us know! I really wish this diet were helpful, and just maybe it does help some specific type of woman and the research just isn't finding it, but right now our understanding of the physiology and development of preeclampsia says that it's all about the placenta and diet just doesn't play a part. I will happily eat my words if the research ever changes but I also won't recommend the diet until then because there *is* research that a heavy protein diet is correlated with cardiovascular issues in those babies later in life. So it's a "probably doesn't help, might hurt" proposition the way I read the research as of now.

I ate 100+ grams of protein a day in my second pregnancy, and delivered at exactly the same gestational age as my first and third when I didn't force protein. Quite a few of our other members (including our founder, Anne Garrett) have followed high-protein diets in subsequent pregnancies and still gotten sick. If I'm remembering right, Anne's protein-diet pregnancy was the one where she almost died.

We all want there to be a magic diet / supplement / exercise / low stress / drug / *anything* we can do to not get sick again, but the good news is that the vast majority of women won't get sick again no matter what we do. Our boards are full of women who *have* gotten sick again because we're the unusual ones, we're the ones who needed to lean on each other for extra support and information. The good news is that when we're aware of the symptoms and our docs know we're at higher risk, we have a better chance of good outcomes for mom and baby because we're being watched more closely.

I skimmed your old posts - back in October you were 8 weeks pregnant? I hope that pregnancy continued and you're about halfway done now? How are you?
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Postby vit9109 » Sat Nov 21, 639553 2:48 pm

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