How often do you monitor your BP?

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Re: How often do you monitor your BP?

Postby mom29 » Sat Nov 30, 639557 3:00 pm

During pregnancy, morning, midday, and evening. Also, if I just felt "off". Non-pregnant with cht, randomly.

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Re: How often do you monitor your BP?

Postby alviarin » Mon Nov 18, 639557 9:49 am

I take mine twice a day now, morning and evening. My evening pressures tend to be higher than the mornings.
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Re: How often do you monitor your BP?

Postby MomTimesThree » Mon Nov 18, 639557 2:44 am

I'm glad you posted this question, I was going to post the same!

We've been instructed to take it 2x a day. We do once morning, once evening. Though I'll admit it... I take it way more often! As a bit of a control freak I find it soooo frustrating when it's higher than usual especially when I'm just sitting like a bump on a log that I will often take it again a bit later just to be sure it went back down.... though I don't recommend doing that because I do drive myself a lil' bonkers when it hasn't. It's so frustrating that you can't just control it! ;)
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Re: How often do you monitor your BP?

Postby alexis » Mon Nov 18, 639557 1:28 am

When I was doing it without any specific concerns, once a day, same time, to track changes from day to day. My OB was fine with this. (I would do it mid morning every day--I took my meds at bed time--and kept a log.) (I am a chronic hypertensive on meds, so I always monitor, though outside of pregnancy I don't do so daily when my control is good--I do it a couple of times a week to be sure there's no change.)

If it were high I would probably do it morning and evening (maybe 3 times) unless instructed to do otherwise. I'd want to have some sense of daily patterns--if I'm going up in the evening, I won't see that if I always take it in the morning. I would probably suggest, again unless your doctor says otherwise, not to check it constantly, because it always fluctuates a little bit and taking it so often will drive you crazy with each 5 point change.
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How often do you monitor your BP?

Postby katie 050812 » Mon Nov 18, 639557 12:47 am

I am just at the beginning of this process, since getting a high BP measurement at the OB yesterday (148/88). They went ahead and ordered labs and a 24 hour urine test, and I have started monitoring my BP at home. I'm curious how often you all monitor your BP? Mine seems to vary quite a bit. Last night, I measured 150/100. This morning when I woke up, 129/83. Just now, 140/97. It seems to be always on my mind to want to check it, but I don't want to go totally overboard!


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