I am new and have some questions :)

This section is for discussions with other women who have probably been through the same signs/symptoms that you may be experiencing. Please note, we cannot offer medical advice and encourage members to discuss their concerns with their doctors. New members, come on in and introduce yourself!
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Re: I am new and have some questions :)

Postby brandib » Wed Dec 14, 639560 5:07 pm

Hi Lisa!! So so verrry sorry you're dealing with these symptoms!!! I had preeclampsia with my first two babies. I was a very sick puppy with my first and very mild with my second. With my THIRD however, I had a nightmare of a ride with that pregnancy for months!!! Mannnny of the same symptoms you're describing. I hope you don't think that we are over reacting with telling you to get to the hospital ASAP...as in, leave and go there now. We don't want to scare you, but you sound like a ticking time bomb :( People go from borderline labs, to being in the ICU in HOURS. Bad things happen when you start seeing little bright white lights. Hyperreflexia is gonna make you feel irritable and make you want to climb your walls and "fuzzy" maybe because it makes it almost impossible to concentrate. You sound like you have preeclampsia and possibly HELLP syndrome. Even though you heard its not PE if your bp fluctuates, It is totally normal for your blood pressure to have highs and lows before it just stays high due to preeclampsia. One of the times I was admitted with my third pregnancy, I was admitted at 153/100 and the next morning in the hospital, I was 80/40. Finally, my BP just stayed high even on two bp meds on large doses. I was easily 170/115 every other day. We would reallllllllllllllly like for you to go to labor and delivery!! I had some nasty episodes from that pregnancy that I would reallly like for you to avoid :) You can certainly insist on being hospitalized. I am not sure on the itchiness though, sorry :((( Please let us know how you're doing!! You have ladies biting our nails, staring at our screen :)))

jill siegel
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Re: I am new and have some questions :)

Postby jill siegel » Wed Dec 14, 639560 4:52 pm

Hi Lisa,

I had HELLP Syndrome with my only child. The brain fuzz is real - I have no recollection of the birth of her and my health spiraled out of control even more so after she was delivered - by that I mean stroke, coma, and multiple organ failure. I don't mean to scare you, but it is worth risking it. With the symptoms you describe, definitely get to the hospital!


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Re: I am new and have some questions :)

Postby melissam » Wed Dec 14, 639560 4:35 pm

I really hope that you have already called your doctor and headed to the hospital. Do not take no for an answer from your doctor. The others have already said as much and I totally agree. Of course, we are not doctors, but labs don't always show the full extent of things if you aren't also looking at the baseline. Your post worries me quite a bit and I would get to the hospital ASAP. I agree, that if your doctor isn't doing anything, I would ask for someone else to come in and see you. Good luck.

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Re: I am new and have some questions :)

Postby joker » Wed Dec 14, 639560 3:02 pm

With all that you've said, I would be heading to Labor and Delivery asap. HELLP and Preeclampsia can go from bad to worse in a matter of minutes. Please, just go to L&D.
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Re: I am new and have some questions :)

Postby saffron » Wed Dec 14, 639560 2:18 pm

Hi Lisa,

I had HELLP syndrome (and eclampsia) with my 2nd child. The vision problems and the brain fuzz are very concerning. I experienced both (and a nasty headache) before I went into eclamptic seizures. If your doctor is not giving you the answers you need, please have someone drive you to the hospital. PE and HELLP can get really bad, really fast. I wish you luck.

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Re: I am new and have some questions :)

Postby tree » Wed Dec 14, 639560 11:03 am

Hi, Welcome to the forums!
Pre-eclampisa can move quickly, and it is not uncommon to have labs change drastically over the course of a week (or days/hours). It is also common to have large variations in blood pressure before it just stays high. The abdominal pain that you described in the HELLP forum is pretty concerning. I would highly recommend calling and going in to see your doctor to have another round of bloodwork done as soon as you can. Facial swelling and visual changes are also big red flags for most doctors. If you don't get a helpful response from your doctor, you can always just go to L&D at your hospital. They will check you out. It does sound like your doctor is thinking PE if you had the 24 hour urine screen and blood work. Unfortunately, all they can do is wait for it to get bad enough to deliver you. It sounds like you might be heading there.
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I am new and have some questions :)

Postby Lisabug77 » Wed Dec 14, 639560 12:28 am

Hi everyone. I'm 33 and pregnant with number 3. There is over 6 years' difference between our last child and this one.
The first two were difficult pregnancies. I had partial placenta abruption with both, the first pregnancy being the worst. I had low hcg levels with the first one and this one. I had preterm labor with the first one. Amniotic fluid levels decreased with both of my first two until I had to be induced because there was almost no fluid left. The placentas with both were small as well as the cords.
I always have had good blood pressure, but with this pregnancy it rose from 110/62 to 145/75 pretty quickly. I also didn't swell with my first two except just a little bit in my hands and my face, but with this one I've been so swollen that I had to go up in a shoe size and my wedding ring can't even rotate on my finger let alone come off and none of my hats even fit on my head. I gained about 15 pounds in a week last month and my weight has gone up so quickly it's embarrassing. I started at 165 and now I'm 225!! That's the worst for me because I'm not even due for another month!
I'm unrecognizable now. My face and eyes are so swollen. My vision has progressively gotten worse this entire pregnancy until now it's so bad I can barely focus on anything. I sometimes see stars in my vision which just adds to it.
I've had a dull headache and a plugged nose and abdominal pain I can't quite describe.
Finally, after complaining about all of this to my OBs and them never taking me seriously, even though I KNEW something was wrong, my urine showed protein. I had noticed that regardless of how much water I drank, my urine got darker every day and even smelled. I suspected maybe an infection but there was none. My blood pressure then measured 156/96 and around there three different times and on different cuffs.
So that OB ordered a 24 hr urine analysis. Protein was in my urine. Blood work didn't come back bad, though, which surprised me a little. My OB told me I will be induced at 37 weeks, which is a relief to me since this baby is HUGE and my body has literally had enough. I use a wheelchair because the pain of walking and moving is unbearable, plus it makes me swell up twice as much and my BP goes up very easily.
Now after that lengthy background and info (sorry so long!!), I was wondering if it's normal to be diagnosed with pre-e but then have your blood pressure go up and down. My lowest BP has been 130/73, and my highest since that initial diagnosis has been 153/92 just last night. I heard it's not pre-e if blood pressure fluctuates like this. Is that true?
Also, with my increased swelling and visual problems and serious mental retardation issues (not joking, I have serious brain fuzz going on), is this enough for a definite diagnosis, plus protein in the urine? And if so, would it be too far fetched an idea to request or even insist on being hospitalized? I'm almost 36 weeks, and am supposedly going to be induced on May 8th. I'm due May 29th. Should I make sure they give me steroid shots or meds at this point?
And last, my skin has gotten worse and worse. I'm covered in bumps and hives that itch, especially on my arms and legs. Is this or could this be part of pre-e as well, or something else entirely?
Thanks in advance for any help or direction you give me!! My OBs don't seem to have the answers or the care I need.
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