Feeling like a ticking time bomb

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Re: Feeling like a ticking time bomb

Postby blythe » Sun May 03, 639570 7:25 pm

I'm not positive on the labetalol max dose, but I think you're right - I know I was taking 2400mg for my first weeks post-partum.

If you're developing superimposed PE the average time from diagnosis to delivery is 2 weeks - but that average encompasses a wide range. My understanding of bp meds is that it won't stop the disease - blood pressure is a symptom of the underlying dysfunction, not a cause - but meds can protect you somewhat from the damage high bp can do to your body. 34 weeks is such a great place to be though! It seems like docs don't even give steroids after 34 weeks, and that most babies just need a little help eating and holding their temp for a week or two in the NICU. But I completely understand wanting more time safely pregnant so you can just hold your new baby girl without the extra technology.

Superimposed PE can be hard to diagnose in these early stages - then it can end up really dangerous. I'm glad your doctor is watching you closely.
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Re: Feeling like a ticking time bomb

Postby alviarin » Mon Apr 20, 639570 1:40 pm

Sorry to hear your BP has been acting up.

Hopefully you will be able to buy some more weeks on BP meds (even if you have to up your dose again). I would definitely talk to your doc about what numbers they want you to come-in vs. call-in at.

Right now I'm a chronic hypertensive on BP meds, and my doc says they'll run another 24 hour urine whenever my BP goes up.
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Feeling like a ticking time bomb

Postby Iheartjulio » Fri Apr 10, 639570 1:10 am

Hello again ladies-
I had my DD at 29 weeks and 5 days due to severe pre E last year. Now I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with another beautiful baby girl. I was started on BP meds around 13 weeks, and have stayed pretty stable until the last couple weeks. Wednesday night I ended up in labor in delivery with BP readings of 156/115 and it took and extra dose of lebetalol and a few hours to come down. They upped my dose to 300 3x a day and sent my on my way the next day since lab work was great. I got the results of my 24 hour urine today (260) which is good that it is not PreE but we are creeping ever closer, since my last one was 205. Than last night I had another reading of 155/99 and today it was back up to 143/90. So now I had to up my dose again to 300 4x a day. I am trying not to worry too much that all of a sudden meds are not seeming to control my BP anymore.

I am just so tired of the wondering when to call and when to be concerned, as well as the constant BP checking :( Obviously i am BEYOND grateful for every day that we can keep her cooking, I sometimes just wish that I could fast forward the next few weeks, or peer in a crystal ball and know what was coming.

I am also just wondering if it happened this way for anyone else where the BP meds just quit working. And how long they were able to stretch it out for? My dr was hopeful that it would buy us a couple more weeks on Wednesday when I was sent home. But I am starting to doubt it will since another raise was already necessary. I think I still have a ways to go till I am maxed out since I am now at 1200 a day and I believe the max is 2400 (Correct me if I am wrong on this), I just hope it stops going up for at least a week or 2. I just so so want a baby that requires no NICU and that I can hold right away! Anyways thanks for listening to my vent!
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