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Re: Stressing and Confused!

Posted: Sun May 03, 639570 4:50 pm
by blythe
What Trish said :).

Keep venting here and keep taking care of you and your little one! Remind me how many weeks you are now?

I think it was one of our earliest members who noted that some of the hardest parenting we do in these tough pregnancies takes place even before our babies are born. Hang in there.

Re: Stressing and Confused!

Posted: Sun May 03, 639570 7:14 am
by trish
So frustrating I know!! But, you are NOT an idiot and you are just following Dr's orders by going in when your BP is high. And you have to keep doing it. With PE it is normal for BP to bounce around from low to high and back - it's called having labile BP's. Labile BP can happen for a few days or for several months - but eventually it "settles" at staying high.

Doing the 24 hour will be good - glad to see they have you doing that. Let us know how it goes. (((HUGS)))

Stressing and Confused!

Posted: Sun May 03, 639570 3:11 am
by cranberries
In the last week my bp has been all over the place. From 90s/60s up to 130s/70-80s. Doc said that after my high reading, if anything changes, go in and at least get checked out.

After seeing her, I had a resting pulse of 116 and two nose bleeds in one day. So I went in, and everything looks normal. The day after seeing her my pulse was around 100 and my feet started to swell. My toes look like mini sausages.

Today I took my bp and got 146/88! So I rushed over to a walk-in clinic for confirmation while I was on the phone scheduling an appt with my ob. I was seeing stars as I entered the building. At the walk-in, I was at 111/72. At the ob appt two hours later, it was down to 108/68. And everything else at my ob's was normal. They ordered a 24 urine just in case.

I am so, so, so tired of all of the worry. I am irritated that my high blood pressures never show up at my doc's. I want something to happen, or not happen. One way or the other. All of this back-and-forth health stuff has me so stressed out. And I am sure that I look like a total crazy hypochondriac because it seems like I am going to the doctor for everything...and my embarrassment makes me feel like I shouldn't go in. Every time I go in there I feel like a total idiot.

Ok, vent over.