Has anyone had surgery to remove scar tissue?

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Has anyone had surgery to remove scar tissue?

Postby princesspurr » Mon Aug 20, 2012 07:31 pm

Apparently when I had my c-section they got endometail (spelling??) tissue in with the incision, so when it held up that cells would get a "period" but the blood had no where to drain. This caused me a lot of pain for almost 8 years. I finally had it removed last week and am keeping my fingers crossed that my next period will be A LOT less painful. It was emotional to deal with since my daughter didn't make it and people hear the word csection and want to talk about the baby. I got a few, oh you never tried again comments :-/ Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Also interesting side note, in the hosp my blood pressure was 105ish/67 ish... 104/75 and so on right before surgery. I thought that was so weird because last time I was in the hosp was almost 8 years ago and I was pregnant with readings like 165/102 sigh.
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