protein dip sticks.. Photo Added*

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Re: protein dip sticks.. Photo Added*

Postby amberstrika » Sun Sep 16, 2012 00:37 am


Did you happen to have any clumps of vaginal discharge floating around in your urine? Or was it particularly concentrated? When I had some clumps of excretions floating in my urine towards the end, I always had the streaks. Your vaginal excretions will make you positive for protein. To a certain extent of course.

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protein dip sticks.. Photo Added*

Postby melissaa » Sat Sep 15, 2012 11:55 am

My protein dip showed up negative this morning but has streaks of +3 through it. what does that mean? Ill recheck it in a little while, i just thought that was really odd!

Just added a photo for reference. The first one that is faded was earlier today with the streaks through it. The second is about 30 minutes ago. Its mostly negative but has a +2 or +3 edge on the bottom and sides. Im so confused! These strips are BRAND NEW so they're nowhere close to expired.
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