could anything else have been done?

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could anything else have been done?

Postby ljsmommy » Sat Sep 29, 2012 09:40 pm

I had preeclampsia with my son starting at 25 weeks, I had him at 30 weeks due to eclampsia I went in the hospital at 29 weeks due to I had severe pe they didn't put me on bp medicine and it kept rising all they did was give me magnesium for 3 days then they took me off of it I was on no bed rest no diet restrictions anything I started having a bad headache the night before and they kept giving me vicodens to get rid of them but it never went away I went to get an ultrasound the next morning told the nurse I was seeing a wheel in my eyes but by the time I got to the ultrasound room I was completlly blind I told the nurse again they said ok 2 min later I had a seizure they did an emergency c section in 3 minutes and my sweet baby boy was born at 2 lbs 11 oz the nicu was awesome they were wonderful and now my baby is 16 months old and doing perfect but I just want to know if there is anything thing they could of done to help me I know they don't want to induce you sat 30 weeks but wouldn't it of been safer for me and they baby than going through the seizure?

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