Labile Blood Pressure ? / trip to L&D

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Re: Labile Blood Pressure ? / trip to L&D

Postby sam10 » Fri Oct 26, 2012 11:29 am

oh, I feel your pain. I am very much in the same boat. My pressures all over the place, many trips to triage/L&D, was even admitted, then released. It is very frustrating, and nobody can tell if it is going to get worse and if so, when. There is only wait and see. If your pressures get too high, make sure to call your doctor or L&D, so they can tell you whether you need yo be seen. It is hard to ignore those who have bad bedside manners, but that is what I try to do if somebody is rude. Thinking of you.
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Re: Labile Blood Pressure ? / trip to L&D

Postby alviarin » Fri Oct 26, 2012 11:20 am

Second pregnancy my pressures were very labile. First elevated reading at 20 weeks, first high reading at 26 weeks. My pressures jumped around a lot, tended to be normal at my morning ob appointment and some higher readings (140/90 +) later in the day. I got more and more high readings as time went on.

My pressures went up to 160/100s at 37 weeks so back to L&D. Even though my pressures came back down next day, my 24 hour urine collection came back over 300 mg protein, indicating pre-e.

My MFM was more concerned if my pressures stayed up. So if I tripped 140/90 just rest and re-take it. If it stayed above 140/90 for a half-hour I was supposed to call, and if it hit 160/100s I was supposed to go to L&D.
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Labile Blood Pressure ? / trip to L&D

Postby melissaa » Fri Oct 26, 2012 09:05 am

Did any of you experience labile blood pressures before pre-e hit? What were your nunbers and how long did you fight it before it turned into preeclampsia? My bp's have been all over the place. I had appts this week for NST's and ob visits and the baby did great on NST's but the dr visit left me feeling like becuase my bp was lower in the office 130/80 and 124/75) he didnt believe my higher numbers at home (even though my monitor was tested a few weeks ago in their office and worked perfectly) .. which had been 140-150/80-90.

Im pretty sure mine were labile even after pre-e diagnosis with my other two. This time my blood pressures have been trending upwards since 28 weeks, but vary widely through out the day/week. Normal bp is 90-100/50-60 but now I can be 120s/70s sometimes and crazy high like last nights 140-150/80-90 and 160/95 - 144/124) numbers other times even in the same day with no change in activity. I ended up in triage last night b/c even sitting on the couch just watching tv after dinner, I started feeling really awful. Tingly hands and face and I was feeling really hot. I checked my bp and it was 144/124 (which is the highest number I have EVER seen, even when I had DS it was 150/105). I layed down and checked it again a while later and it was 142/90. I went and tucked the kids into bed with DH and layed back down and checked it a little later and got 165/91. When I got to L&D I was feeling somewhat better and it was 140s/80s. The remainder of the 5 hours we were there it was much lower.. varying from 120s/70s to 130s/80s. The baby appeared to be all over the monitor at times but then other times her baseline would be in the 160s and she would decel to 115-120s for about 10-15 seconds and come back up. I asked the nurse about it (who was TOTALLY awful and rude to us while we were there.. let me urine expire and I had to give a second sample.. which she also almost let expire.. DH had to call and remind her to come get it before it expired too and she never explained anything they were doing while I was there, hardly spoke at all other than initial brief questionaire and discharge) and she said baby looked fine.
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