Post partum symptoms after severe preclampsia

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Re: Post partum symptoms after severe preclampsia

Postby alviarin » Wed Nov 07, 2012 09:47 am

Sorry you arent feeling well but welcone to the forums. How long has it been since you delivered?

How high are your pressures on meds?

Unfortunately pre-e can strike up to six weeks postpartum, and can get worse before it gets better. And sometimes it just takes time to heal from preeclampsia, for our bodies to mop up all the chemicals dumped by the placenta and repair the damage.

After my first was born I was so swollen they gave me a diuretic to help me get rid of the extra fluid.

After my second was born, I became worse after delivery. My blood pressure peaked a week postpartum on meds before starting to come back down over the next several weeks.

Hang in there, and please let your care provider know if you have any new or worsening symptoms.
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Connor (severe pre-e at 38 weeks)
Claire (dx'd with pre-e and induction at 37 weeks)
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Post partum symptoms after severe preclampsia

Postby Sgeromin » Wed Nov 07, 2012 03:26 am

It was my first pregnancy and a twin pregnancy. My blood pressure was perfect until around 32 weeks when my blood pressure went high and I had some proteins in my urine, i was diagnosed with suspected mild preclampsia but it all settled again quickly. At 36 weeks and 3 days gestation I delivered the babies via a semi-elective c-section. Straight after the section as I was in recovery my blood pressure went through the roof, I was photophobic as could not stand the light, my speech was slurred, my breathing was uncomfortable and my reflexes were really brisk, not to mention how sick I felt and the headache I had. I was put on magnesium sulphate and symptoms have settled. However, I am now feeling very weak and short of breath and my blood pressure is still on the high side with blood pressure tablets, my ankles still a bit swallen and sometime I see flashing lights. Is this a sign that preclampsia is still there? What can be done now to clear it completely?

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