What do you make of these numbers?

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Re: What do you make of these numbers?

Postby MomTimesThree » Sat Jan 12, 2013 02:17 pm

Ay, I'm so sorry things have been so bumpy and you're not feeling confident in your care. With pre-e there is so much out of your control... which is so frustrating, but maybe there is room to take more control of your care? Do you have a solid monitoring plan yet? Maybe getting that down would allow you to feel more secure, and certainly you would have better eyes on baby to make sure everything is ok. I'm sorry I'm not familiar with what the numbers mean.

I have no idea the situation there... are there any university hospitals or hospitals with religious affiliations which may have deeper pockets and more connections with US providers and care?

And for what its worth lots of states have different medicaid standards for pregnant women, so that might not be something to completely cross of the possibility list... or perhaps if you had a good relationship with your previous OB/MFM team in the states to give them a call to see if they could consult or provide any guidance? Long shot, but I suppose no ask no get.

Keep posted when you can, I'm so sorry things are so difficult, on top of being so far from home.
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What do you make of these numbers?

Postby Kksgirl » Fri Jan 11, 2013 01:34 pm

Ok, so I have a post in the pregnant again sectio. A week ago I went to the dr and was given labs (blood protein, ast, alt, creatin-, normal urinalysis, and 24 hr urinalysis). So I get the results today and saw the dr. For those who haven't seen my previous post just to catch you up, I had an unexpected emergency c section after an uneventful pregnancy when I was 19, he made it 3 weeks. Two mcs later I had severe preeclampsia with our second son. It became severe Immediately at 20 weeks and I had to deliver at 24 weeks. He passed the next day. Now I am 24 weeks 6 days. Starting at Xmas time my bp rose. I was put on Aldomet 250 twice a day. Last week, I returned to the dr with slight signs of pre e. slight swelling, medicine not working full 12 hrs at a time. Anyways, he ordered the lab work and said to do 500 mg twice a day, which has been great. The urine that day also showed a slight infection. He dismissed that. Anyways. My labs come back and one of the blood tests was 5.2 I can't think if it was alt or ast. The reg urinalysis said neg for protein, but the 24 hr urine said 273. Everything else seemed fine. I am in the Dominican Republic, and they are obviously uneducated on pre e here. I had a great feeling until recently. Today when we went over the results he freaked out, called the cardiologist regarding the protein, and ran out of the room to talk to the cardiologist.....told the nurse to check my bp while he was running out. Of course it was 130/100. I was a mess at that point. He said I may have to go home to have the baby (as I put in my other post, this is not an option financially. I make too much for Medicaid and cannot get high risk insurance). He had me in a complete panic because they are not equipped to deliver a baby this early. He said if I stay and my bp doesn't lower within two weeks they are delivering. The medicine is doing its job.mit remains normal, no spikes....just this incident. They didn't even attempt to lower it when I was there. Just assumed it was that. Now that I've had time to think, I REALLY think he is making so much more of this. Also, he ordered another urinalysis.....negative for protein. I am prepared for pre e. I really am. But I also try and educate myself. While I know it can progress rapidly, so far things aren't progressing as they did last time. I have swelling of the feet and ankles....not severe....that goes down with rest. Slight swelling of the face sometimes that goes down with plenty of water. I feel good otherwise. Does anyone have experience with results and a situation such as mine? I'm dying to know if anyone thinks there may be a shot that this will be prolonged with proper medical care and taking it easy.

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