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Re: 2nd Preeclampsia Baby & Pregnant Again w/?

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 639870 12:10 am
I am not being seen by a maternal-fetal medicine specialist for the pregnancy but will look into it. My 2nd child is by my husband and he is not
the my father of my first child. At 33 weeks is when every thing seems to take a turn for the worset so the doctor willl watch me closer. Thanks for the info

Re: 2nd Preeclampsia Baby & Pregnant Again w/?

Posted: Thu May 14, 639868 12:20 am
by preemomof2
I have had Preeclampsia twice as well. I was also told that I am at a much greater risk of getting it again with future pregnancies, but it is my benefit to know I am at risk so I can be monitored closely.

Re: 2nd Preeclampsia Baby & Pregnant Again w/?

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 639868 6:24 am
by caryn
Welcome to the forums. I'm glad you've found us.

Since you've had it in two pregnancies, it is more likely that you will have it in any future pregnancy, especially pregnancies with the same partner. It's not something over which you have any control, so please don't feel guilty for not being able to deliberately control it! These syndromes appear to be the result of the combination of your genes and the genes of your partner interacting. Our immune systems are reacting to the proteins from our partners that make up the placenta. This is very common in human pregnancy and is likely to be the explanation for our high rate of miscarriages, preterm labor, and preeclampsia. Humans have very complicated placental beds that predispose us to difficult pregnancies.

Some women also have underlying conditions - like APS, or chronic hypertension - that make any pregnancy more likely to become medically complicated.

Are you being seen by a maternal-fetal medicine specialist for this pregnancy? With a history of two cases of severe preterm onset, you are likely to be a candidate for management by a MFM. Here's a link to help you find one in your area: (search by state for a specialist in your area.)

2nd Preeclampsia Baby & Pregnant Again w/?

Posted: Fri Apr 10, 639868 7:53 am
Hello, I am very much new here to this site but I am looking for knowledge about Preeclampsia. My first child born at 34 weeks and I went from Preeclampsia to Eclampsia. 2nd child born at 34 weeks also via emergency c-section because of Preeclampsia. I have just informed my husband that we are having another baby and now I am wondering what are the chances of me having Preeclampsia again. Two doctors informed me that I will only get it once but I found that not to be true at all. How do I avoid getting it and what are the chances of me getting Preeclampsia again for the third time? Wow, no one in my family ever had issues like this before. I am very depressed and embarressed becaused it hurts me that I am unable to carry my children fullterm. The doctor even tried putting me in the hospital for several weeks on bed rest to prolong the pregnancy and I couldn't keep that pressure down. They were afraid I would have another seizure.................... Will I face this issue with every pregnancy now that I've had it twice