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Re: Anyone had this experience?

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 09:20 pm
by MomTimesThree
Congrats on hanging on as long as you have!! That's so awesome!! I'm a slow progression case. With our 2nd we were diagnosed at 29 weeks and with our 3rd superimposed pre e at 25 (meaning I already had higher bp in pregnancy). We hung on to 37 and 36 weeks respectively. With our third with more intervention and by the end things were pretty much falling apart, but with our 2nd I think we slid very nicely to 37 weeks- spent the last week inpatient.

All that said, things can turn very quickly so be sure you're comfortable knowing your signs and symptoms and any pressure readings or symptoms that your doctor would want you to call or head straight to L&D for.

Here's hoping for another happy and healthy as can be 3 weeks for you!

Anyone had this experience?

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 06:19 pm
by Kristinm
I was diagnosed with mild pre-e at 24 weeks (protein in urine, swelling, bp elevated from my norm of 110/55ish to 150/85ish) and put on bed rest. I am now almost 34 weeks and my blood pressure has been great pretty much since my diagnosis, swelling has stayed down and still have a about the same amount of protein. I have had consistent headaches but nothing tylenol won't knock out.
Has anyone else had this experience after being diagnosed early? Did you go on to carry to term or did things still get bad and lead to induction?

I appreciate any help!