Preeclampsia diagnosis by doctor

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Re: Preeclampsia diagnosis by doctor

Postby sam10 » Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:48 am

Welcome to the forums. I find it reassuring that your doctor is so diligent and monitors you closely. With your numbers (BP and proteinuria) you are right at the threshold of diagnosis. A hospitalization at this point could have helped then to watch you closely and keep an eye on your BP and probably determine better if you indeed might have white coat syndrome or are heading to develop PE. Good thing is they are having you come in often to keep an eye on you.
How are you feeling today?
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Re: Preeclampsia diagnosis by doctor

Postby angieb » Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:09 am

I am sorry you are going through this.

Technically, the diagnostic criteria for preeclampsia is two readings of 140/90 or higher, and 300 mg of protein or more in a 24 hour urine. So you meet that if you have had readings of 140/90 twice, regardless of when/where. Being dehydrated and/or sick shouldn't necessarily cause you to spill protein, and someone can have 24 hour urines of something like 300, then 100, then 500, then 10000, then 200. (Not really literally, just throwing out numbers as an example.) Anyway, going from 300 to 100 doesn't *necessarily* mean it's a lot better, next week it could be 300 again or even higher.

Has your blood pressure always been high at the doctor but now it's even higher? Have you ever calibrated your blood pressure machine with the machine at the doctor's office? How often do you take your blood pressure at home? It may be that your machine is not as accurate. It may also be true that your blood pressure is higher at the doctor. But that may also mean it gets higher when you are at home and slightly stressed, and if it is regularly or frequently or easily getting up to 140/90 or higher throughout the course of a normal day (which would not really be good for your baby) and you just aren't catching it.

How high is your blood pressure at the doctor's office? Do they retake it there to see if it gets lower/normal after a bit? Have you had swelling/headaches/other symptoms? Have you had an ultrasound lately? I am just wondering if there aren't more symptoms/issues that the doctor may be worried about...they don't typically recommend hospitalization lightly. Also, if you really think it is nothing, it may be easier to just go in the hospital for a day so they can see your blood pressure over a period of a day or so, if it's really just high from white coat syndrome then it should be ok if you are in a hospital bed for awhile and then they can see that it's fine and relax.

Anyway, good luck, I hope you really don't have pre-e but please take any symptoms seriously (headaches, swelling, visual disturbances, right upper quadrant pain, etc.) as it can be very serious and get bad quickly.
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Preeclampsia diagnosis by doctor

Postby Valerie22 » Mon Apr 22, 2013 05:41 pm

I was diagnosed with mild preeclampsia by my doctor's office. I however, have an issue with the blood pressure is only high at the doctor's office and I know because I have a home monitor. I have known white coat syndrome and as long as I'm not at the doctor's office I have a very normal blood pressure (averaging 123/75 most times). They ran a 24 hour urine and I told them when the requested it that I had just got over a stomach bug and was very dehydrated. They still wanted the 24 hour urine done and it came back at 300.6. After that I requested to do another about a week later once I was able to rehydrate. That came back at 153. They have been doing the urine test strips every appointment I have and have since not found trace amounts at all. They were tryin to admit me to the hospital and I refused so now they are making me come twice a question is with everything that I have listed, do I even fit the parameters for having preeclampsia?

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