Question about protein in urine

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Re: Question about protein in urine

Postby MomTimesThree » Fri May 17, 2013 11:44 am

Hi There & Welcome to the forums-

Congratulations on your pregnancy- I know pregnancy after complications and pregnancy is stressful- especially after receiving such confusing care with your first. I can not believe they are not sending your records and hope your current team will play a bit of hardball with them to get them. They are your records!

I'm glad to hear you're at a new practice and they are being proactive and smart about your care by doing a baseline 24 hour. When we did one with our 3rd, it came back elevated at 10 weeks at about 200. I was told this was probably due to either an underlying kidney issue or damage from pre-eclampsia in our 2nd pregnancy. It was good for our team to know because as it rose they weren't as worried about the numbers- for example, when we topped 400 it was really only an increase of 200 from my starting point.

Some of the uncertainty in a subsequent pregnancy comes from being unsure what your care plan will be- I hope your appointment on Monday helps to provide some clarity about where you are and what plans they'll put in place for you to help ensure the healthiest pregnancy possible. Keep posted!

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Question about protein in urine

Postby MrsB0427 » Fri May 17, 2013 08:38 am

Hi everyone. Newbie here!

A quick backstory before I get to my question. I have a 6 y/o daughter with my ex husband. At around 30 weeks I was taken out on bedrest and monitored due to "Pregnancy Induced Hypertension" and spilling protein in my urine. I do not know the amount. My blood pressure had been steadily rising since the 6 month mark... I had severe vision issues (spots / blurry / etc) and omg the swelling. I went in for pre-term labor just prior to being taken out on bedrest. At my follow up appointment, I had gained 9lbs (it had been a week) and they took me out on bedrest "just to be safe".

I had my daughter via c-section at 38 weeks. I cannot remember what my BP readings were in the weeks leading to the c-section (it was scheduled, not emergency). When I was in the OR delivering my baby, my BP was 170/90. I remember that clearly.

I stayed in the hospital for a week while they monitored my BP (it wouldn't drop). I'm normally, unfailingly, a 110/60. Despite all of the above signs, my doctors at the time (a huge practice) fought me on the diagnosis. They wouldn't listen to me as I pointed out with concern my slowly creeping BP. They have always maintained I simply had "PIH" and that the bedrest was just a precaution. I was naive and never thought to pursue a second opinion, and as such... I never really stressed the whole time. I just thought I had bad swelling and they were just "being careful".

Jump forward 7 years... I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant (with my now-hubby). My doctor (different, small practice with 2 OBs) is much more proactive and concerned. She knows my history (though has not seen my records b/c the prior practice wont send them... another story). They did a "baseline 24-hour urine protein" test last week. I got the results back yesterday... and I was at 300. They've now referred me to a MFM (I go Monday) for "severe pre-eclampsia". I am, needless to say, freaking out.

I don't know what my BP was yesterday when I was in their office. I went in due to severe cramps and increased fluid discharge and was promptly sent to the ER. By the time they took my BP in the ER it was 124/80. However, by the end of the visit (afteR I got the "everything is just fine" talk from the doctor) it was 124/60. Systolic is still slightly elevated over my normal 110, but no where near the danger zone yet.

So, in a long way, I'm asking how freaked out should I be. I know it's nearly impossible to be diagnosed with pre-e before 20 weeks. Is the protein in my urine a sign of impending doom or are my doctors just being extra careful? Has anyone else had protein so high but gone on to develop pre-e much later? I'm desperately afraid I'm going to develop it over the next few weeks and lose my little boy. Is there anything I can pro-actively do to prevent pre-e?

Okay, so that was WAY more than just protein-in-urine. I'm sorry. I'm scared and alone over here and don't know what to think.

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