Chances of Happing it Again-Preeclampsia

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Re: Chances of Happing it Again-Preeclampsia

Postby alviarin » Tue Jun 11, 2013 06:48 pm

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Here are some general odds for the risk of getting pre-e again: ... f=19&t=331

In your shoes, I would schedule a pre-conception appointment with a doctor specializing in high risk pregnancies. They should be able to give you a better idea of your odds based on your individual medical history.

I hope this helps, good luck.
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Connor (severe pre-e at 38 weeks)
Claire (dx'd with pre-e and induction at 37 weeks)
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Chances of Happing it Again-Preeclampsia

Postby amin » Wed May 22, 2013 06:11 am

Hi Everyone,

I just join this forum after i had Pre-E on my first pregnancy its a bad luck for us that we lost our baby girl at 25-26 week because of very high blood pressure at around 180/100 with protein in urine and the doctors are unable to control the BP due to that i have to go through emergency c-section ,i my case it begin with urine infection and feel like acidity before getting pregnant i consult the doctor thy have give me some antibiotic IV to over come with urine infection and advice me to drink lot of water and for acidity thy have given medicine after i followed the doctor instruction every think went well for few months and after that i feel again that some problem with urine infection and feel like acidic pain on my upper abdomen ,further i re-visited to the doctor again and i had culture for urine which show the infection in urine again so my doctor has given me again antibiotic and instructed me to have plenty of water , i proceed with my doctors instruction,i have repeated the urine test every after 2 week and the report does not show any infection ,however i got pregnant after 2 months with all the urine report stating with no infection,after i enter into my 4 week of pregnancy i start with small swelling on my feet and i feel the same pain like acidity on my upper abdomen i have consult to the doctor and they have done my scan and check my BP which is normal and further every think seem to be prefect at that time as the time passes and when i enter into my 4 moth of pregnancy i have notice the swelling on my feet are more than before in additional to that i got swelling on by hands and face with urine infection and feel like acidity pain .I went to see the doctor and she have done my urine culture again which came positive with infection and give antibiotic IV to overcome this urine infection,no BP and had a scan again that show healthy baby growth,for swelling on hands she has give me Vitamin-E tab for 6 days and when i enter in to 20 week of my pregnancy i got my BP as 110/85 with protein in my urine i have been hospitalized for more than 1 moth to control my BP but unfortunately i can make to 26 week .

However i am thinking to get pregnant again, as per my doctor she told me that you can try for second pregnancy after 6 month , i am very much worried that will this happens again ? will get pre-e again ? what are my chances of getting ?

can any one help me with above questions and there experience on that


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