Visual disturbances

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Re: Visual disturbances

Postby sam10 » Thu Jun 20, 2013 07:13 pm

Visual disturbances are one of the more serious symptoms of PE and should always be reported and checked by your gealth care provider. You can read about it all here:
As far as I understand stmptoms of PE do not always need to correlate, meaning they can can come on without any particular order, nor do they need present all.
Let us know how things will go. Thinking of you.
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Visual disturbances

Postby mlbaker » Thu Jun 20, 2013 11:57 am

I'm curious as to what is happening when you have visual distubances. In a previous pregnancy I had much higher bps but no visual distubances. Yesterday I started having some shapes blocking my vision. My bp was elevated but not too high (140/100). I decided to just rest and see what hapoened. Bp dropped and all seemed fine. I woke up this morning and had large sparkly worms in both eyes. I'd never experienced anything like that. Then I started seein g little footballs flying. Really weird. Took bp and it was 155/100. Called OB and went to L&D. I'm of course staying overnight for monitoring. Labs came back fine and bp is back down to comfortable level and vision is normal. So is the bp causing the visual stuff? If its just bp are these visual issues benign?

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