update- NEW HERE, Questioning if I have early signs of PreE

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Re: update- NEW HERE, Questioning if I have early signs of P

Postby CourtEdVi » Mon Aug 05, 2013 07:57 am

Yesterday, my side pains spiked again. Slowly got worse throughout the day by evening it hurt to bend over and was going all the way through to my back. As soon as I laid down for bed, the pain eased. For some reason lying down seems to help. The pain increased when I took deep breaths. This morning, the pain was less, but I feel it more in my back and into my shoulder blade region. It is not unbearable, but certainly noticeable. I do have a pretty high tolerance for pain. I am very short of breath this morning, woke up that way. I just did normal activity, ya know I had made myself a bowl of cereal, brushed my hair, teeth and did my make-up for the day and felt like I had run up and down the steps a couple of times. Still feel out of breath and have a stabing pain in my right shoulder blade. I have my next f/u apt on Thursday so I am hesitant to run to the doctor today. My resent labs did show elevated white blood cells (Neutrophils?) and Luekocytes at 17, which is normal but on the lower side of normal. The rest of my blood work was normal. My most recently 24 hour urine showed 175 g of protein, up from 145 3 weeks ago. Each doctors visit my BP is up a little more, 140/90 2 weeks ago and 130/80 the time before that. I have continued to check it at home and never get a really high reading, usuallyaround 125/75, which is high for me. I have been getting the black spot in my vision along with floaters, but the doctor doesn't seem concerned about them. My eye doctor didn't find anything wrong said my BP must be spiking during the day and I am just not catching it. I have never been so frustrated. This pregnancy has been far from what I know as normal. I have never felt so strongly that something is brewing, but with blood tests not being far out of range and not having protein, my doctor is just not as concerned as I am.

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Re: update- NEW HERE, Questioning if I have early signs of P

Postby tree » Tue Jul 16, 2013 08:43 pm

How did your appointment go? I had HELLP without ever having blood pressures above 135/85. It is unusual, but it can happen. I had similar abdominal/ side pain that would come and go over a couple of weeks until it got really bad.
I hope your blood work comes back ok and that you are feeling better.
Daughter born April 2009 at 35 weeks due to Class 1 HELLP

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Re: update- NEW HERE, Questioning if I have early signs of P

Postby aln0304820 » Tue Jul 16, 2013 11:00 am

I'm so sorry you still aren't feeling well. I unfortunately don't have any experience with pre-e without the increasing blood pressure or increasing protein; however, please make sure you mention this pain and how it increases to your doctor this afternoon.... The symptoms you are describing are very notorious with a pulmonary embolism including the headache as well. Pregnancy puts you at an increased risk.

Here is a quick reference page -- http://www.webmd.com/lung/tc/pulmonary- ... m-symptoms

The symptoms of pulmonary embolism may include:

Shortness of breath that may occur suddenly.
Sudden, sharp chest pain that may become worse with deep breathing or coughing.
Rapid heart rate.
Rapid breathing.
Coughing up blood or pink, foamy mucus.
Heart palpitations.
Signs of shock.

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update- NEW HERE, Questioning if I have early signs of PreE

Postby CourtEdVi » Mon Jul 15, 2013 12:01 am

I just want to give a brief update. I have been increasingly not feeling well. Over the weekend, I was very lack luster, by Sunday had a horrible headache, Sunday night right side pain which was on and off all night, to describe it it is just below my rib cage on the right side, when I yawn or take a deep breath it increases dramatically. I have had this pain before over the last few weeks but it always would just go away and was never untolerable and usually only lasted for a minute or two. I am sure the pain is not the baby pushing on something, because the pain has been in the same exact spot and feels the exact same as it has for weeks, no change in location or type at all. Sunday night I was up a lot during the night due to the side pain, but it would increase and then subside and then present again and subside. By morning it was gone, but I still did not feel well this morning. My waking BP while still in bed was 127/78. My BP has been steadily in the upper 120s/upper 70s consistently all weekend and my heart rate has been in the 105-110 range, spiking to 114 at one point. Normally my BP is in the low 100s/low 60 range, so I feel like my BP is steadily increasing. I did end up going to work today, expecting that I would end up making a doctors appointment, which I did and it is scheduled for late this afternoon with the on-call doctor since my doctor is out this week. My side is hurting again now but again not a constant pain, it subsides a little and peaks back up. I am also seeing spots again today and have a headache, but not as severe as yesterday. I will definitely be asking the doctor for repeat labs and 24 hour and specifically ask them to check for HELLP and PreE. I would like to hear from someone who has had the side pain before and what they experienced. Also anyone with PreE or HELLP without the typically high BP of 140/90 and up.

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