Eclampsia and then Thyroid problems from UK?

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Re: Eclampsia and then Thyroid problems from UK?

Postby alviarin » Wed May 28, 2014 02:12 am

Hi Whitney,

I'm so sorry to hear you lost your son due to preeclampsia.

Uncontrolled thyroid disease does raise the risk of preeclampsia . Even subclinical hypothyroidism (high TSH, in-range FT4) has been linked to increased incidence of preeclampsia .

One study that looked at pregnant women with treated hypothyroidism still found an increased rate of preeclampsia compared to that of the control group, but “their infants were only slightly affected” .

Sometimes autoimmune thyroid disease first shows up during pregnancy. And to further complicate things, some of the
chemicals produced by placentas in preeclamptic pregnancies may interfere with the maternal thyroid gland .

The effect of thyroid antibodies in pregnancy is also currently under investigation. A couple of small studies found an increase in miscarriage rate in the presence of anti-TPO antibodies. One follow-up study found treatment of antibody-positive women (even in the presence of “normal” TSH) with thyroid hormone replacement may lower risk of miscarriage and pre-term labor .

Because this is still an area under investigation there is currently no universal recommendation that all women who are pregnant (or planning to be pregnant) be screened for thyroid problems. Though some individual doctors and researchers are calling for more screening since treatment may lower risks and improve outcomes.

Current recommendations are that women with hypothyroidism get their TSH below 2.5 mIU/L pre-conception. And have their TSH tested as soon as pregnancy is confirmed, since most women will need to get their dose adjusted upwards during early pregnancy.

I hope this helps, good luck!
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Re: Eclampsia and then Thyroid problems from UK?

Postby whitann06 » Mon May 05, 2014 05:45 pm

Hi Lynne,
I was wondering if you ever got any answers about your thyroid? I lost my son at 24 weeks when I developed severe and sudden onset preeclampsia. When trying to find any underlying causes, all they found was that my thyroid antibodies were high, and so they have been treating me for that now for about 1 1/2 years. My doctor said it was probably not related to the preeclampsia, but the more reading I do the more I think he was wrong. Makes me very nervous as we are thinking about trying again in the next couple of months, but want to make sure we have all the information we can before we do.
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Re: Eclampsia and then Thyroid problems from UK?

Postby sam10 » Mon Sep 23, 2013 07:54 pm

Hello and welcome.

I am so very sorry you had such a hard time with eclampsia hitting you right after birth. But I am very glad your doctors acted quickly and provided proper care.

I am not sure if anybody told you, but having a traumatic birth or postpartum experience makes you more prone to post-partum depression. I am not a health care professional, but from what you are describing it sounds like you might suffer from it. But to be sure it might be best to seek professional help. Postpartum depression is something that also women suffer from who had very normal births.

I am very glad that your parents are here to help and you are finding ways to cope. I found counseling to be a lifesaver during my pregnancy and also after giving birth.

PS: I will move your post to the forum "Ask the Experienced", as you might get more readers and hopefully somebody else will chime in. Sorry I only saw your post now
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Eclampsia and then Thyroid problems from UK?

Postby Lynne1009 » Fri Sep 06, 2013 12:58 am


I recently experienced post partum eclampsia. 4 hrs after the birth of my baby boy I became very ill with a blood pressure of 170/149. My organs and veins all started to shut down. The doctors were amazing though and went full hog on me, pumping me full of so many different drugs. I was out of it for about 48 hrs so as a result cldnt feed or spend time with my little baby. My milk ended up being a week late too. I only breast fed him for 7 weeks as i really struggled and suffered a little depression. I think coz I lost those first few days id convinced myself we hadnt bonded and he wasnt attaching properly. Once I stopped breast feeding though things improved and got alot better until recently. I've just now been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. Ive been feeling really down and insecure and Liam (my wee one) screams his head of a lot. To make matters worse my hubby works away.It all came to a head this last tuesday when i kind of lost it and phoned my hubby telling him i didnt want our baby anymore. He spoke to my parents who took action amd ive been staying with them for support. I feel awful as i didnt mean any of it but still feel miserable. Im wondering if anyone out there has experienced anything similar with eclampsia, depression and thyroid problems. Until the eclampsia i had no history of thyroid issues and have read that there could b a link btween the two. Could really use talking to someone who knows how i feel


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