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Re: Protein 277, 160, 280... ok not to test again?!

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 04:58 pm
by Solved
Thanks for your reply! Reading that study was helpful.

I do have the headache (migraine on right side) still, and I've had floaters in my vision for weeks. I guess right now all I can do is keep checking my blood pressure at home.

Re: Protein 277, 160, 280... ok not to test again?!

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 03:47 pm
by angieb
The most recent research recommends delivery at 37-38 weeks for pregnancy induced hypertension, anyway. (Search HYPIAT study). Rather than pushing for a 24 hour urine, I would be pushing them to deliver, personally.

Unless your symptoms suddenly get worse (headaches, visual disturbances, upper right quadrant pain, etc.), I would probably be okay with only having a 24 hr urine every few weeks. If your symptoms worsen, or your bp gets more elevated (160/100 would be higher than my comfort level personally), I would be okay with it because the information they get from it isn't really going to dictate much of your care/treatment anyway. Now if we were talking about protein levels in the thousands, it would be more concerning. But the only thing the protein levels are going to tell you is that you should deliver...which the research already indicates results in the most favorable outcomes for PIH anyway.

Protein 277, 160, 280... ok not to test again?!

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 01:38 pm
by Solved
A couple weeks ago I ended up at the ER with a 12-hour migraine that didn't respond to 1000 mg of Tylenol. My blood pressure was over 140/90, but it decreased after laying down. My 24h protein was 277. The obgyn that saw the results sent me for a full blood panel and weekly 24h urinalyses. Blood panel was all normal (liver too), next week's 24h protein was 160, blood pressure checked twice a day averaged 140/75 with a peak at 162/95. Now this week, blood pressure is still around 140/75, protein was 280. The migraine is still in the background, but much less painful than when I ended up at the ER. Baby does great during non-stress tests and placenta blood flow is good. I'm 36w. I've also had anxiety/depression since the second trimester. No swelling at all, no weight gain (5 lbs total).

Now, my obgyn (not the one who originally ordered the labs) feels we don't need to repeat the 24h urinalysis next week, or the bloodwork. He thinks it's just pregnancy-induced hypertension rather than preeclampsia. He said we'd do another 24h only if my blood pressure goes to 160/100. Should I go ahead with this plan or push to have another 24h urinalysis done next week? Thanks.