Dangerously high BP but only for a short time?

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Re: Dangerously high BP but only for a short time?

Postby MomTimesThree » Wed Dec 04, 2013 04:07 pm


Those pressures are uber scary! I sooo appreciate your dedication as a nurse to hand off your patients.. but um.. next time please do not pass Go and collect $200... just go right to L&D! :)

It's not uncommon to see labile pressures where they start to be erratic- high sometimes and normal others. And while it's common to try to give reasons why our pressures go labile- like "Oh I must have been really busy.. or not rested enough." Which I tried many times with my doctor! :) The response I got was always, "Yes, well that's nice. LOTS of people are stressed, and lots of people are busy and their BP doesn't do that." So it might be that your previous pregnancies unmasked chronic hypertension. And certainly the older we get the more prone we are to it.

I hope in light of the spikes they'll be keeping an extra close eye on you- are they having you monitor a certain amount of times a day and call if it reaches a certain number?

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Dangerously high BP but only for a short time?

Postby jacob2014 » Wed Dec 04, 2013 11:57 am


I am new to the forum. I have experienced mild preeclampsia in my last two pregnancies, and am now pregnant again. Currently I am 21 wks. Last weekend I was at work as an RN and was working my usual night shift. I woke up that afternoon with a headache, and by the time I had been at work an hour or two it had gotten very painful (no photophobia or aura though). I checked my BP and the first reading I got was 195/85. I got a little nervous about that but was very busy so waited an hour or so and then had a coworker recheck it. She got 200+/100's. I thought that might be related to me freaking out a bit about the first pressure, so I asked her to recheck again in an hour after I had sat down for a bit and tried to relax. She then got 170/114. I called the dr and she wanted me to get checked out at L&D, so I went though the steps to hand off my patients and headed over there (this took about another hour, hour and a half by the time I got to L&D. By the time I got there, my pressures were in the 130's/140's (lying down) and remained lower. My question is, why would it get so dangerously high and then come down? I am not spilling protein in my urine, labs came back OK for liver fx, etc. I have never had BP this high before even with previous pre e in my last two pregnancies. My doctors keep talking about chronic hypertension, but most of my prepregnancy BPs are 120's/130's/80's. What could this be? Thanks!


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