Can Pre-Eclampsia 'Fluctuate' in the Beginning?

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Can Pre-Eclampsia 'Fluctuate' in the Beginning?

Postby lts709 » Sat Dec 28, 2013 00:00 am

Hi, everyone. I'm new here, and I had a question.
But first: on Christmas morning I woke up feeling.... well, like complete crap. I was very lightheaded and had a headache. The lightheadedness got better after a while, but the headache remained for a while, and after the lightheadedness I was extremely tired the rest of the day. Well, I woke up again the 26th, feeling the same way. Eventually the lightheadedness got better, but took longer to ho away. The headache, got better, but stayed all day. Again, I was extremely tired the rest of the day. This time, I took my blood pressure. 148/92. That was in the late morning. I continued to feel off te the whole 2 days. I'm 31 weeks, and I recalled my midwife telling me I had protein in my urine at my 30 week appointment. I emailed her to let her know my new symptoms, including the blood pressure. I continued to monitor my blood pressure last night, it was high, not dangerously high, though (systolic stayed over 140, diastolic stayed at about 95, but went up to 98 once. My midwife wants me to get some tests done, and has referred me to MFM, I'm supposesd to hear from them by Monday. However, I took my blood pressure this morning, and now its normal. And has been all day, for the most part. The highest my diastolic has been is 86.... Now I can't help but wonder, am I worried over nothing? Can early pre-eclampsia fluctuate like that. I also woke up with no lightheadedness.. and I've basically felt fine all day. I should also add that at my 30 week appointment, baby was measuring 24 weeks according to fondal height. So either way I'm going to MFM, but now I feel silly for worrying about the possibility of pre-eclampsia, only to have my symptoms go away after a couple of days.... has anyone. else experienced this? Thank you.

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