moved, new doc, fluctuating bps, pregnant again after pre-e

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Re: moved, new doc, fluctuating bps, pregnant again after pr

Postby MomTimesThree » Fri Apr 25, 2014 10:53 pm

How did your appointment go? I hope your concerns were heard- as given your history having your blood pressure start to bounce around (become labile) is a valid concern and something to watch.

Keep posted as you're able- and congratulations on your pregnancy.
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moved, new doc, fluctuating bps, pregnant again after pre-e

Postby AmandaS » Tue Apr 22, 2014 08:01 pm

Hello all. I am back, it's been a long time. I had pre-e with my first 7 years ago, bp up at 27 weeks, diagnosed at 29, delivered emergency c at 35. I was hhbeahgurl on here. It took us a long while, but we decided to bite the bullet and I am pregnant with number 2. I am 25 weeks now. We were living on an island in Alaska in the Bering Sea 800 air miles from a hospital, but we moved 4 weeks ago to New Mexico. Throughout my pregnancy my bp has been good ranging from the 90's/50's to 110/72 at its highest. We have now moved from an altitude of sea level to 7,000+ feet, which of course I read high altitude increases your risk for pre-e :( The past week my bp has been all over the place. I had one 90s/50s, one 143/94, and lots of 130/85s and 115/72s. Crazy. Should I be concerned that they are jumping all over the place now and running higher than they were? I have my appointment with my new doc in New Mexico for the first time tomorrow afternoon. What questions should I ask her. I was under the care of a Family Nurse Practitioner in Alaska since we didn't have OBs on the island. I think I am going to ask for an ultrasound, since my provider in AK was not used to doing them, she only did maybe 10 a year and the equipment was old and not very good. The new doc has all my records so I am going to draw attention to my baseline pressures but I don't want to appear a crazy hypochondriac patient.
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Pregnant again after pre-e
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