21 weeks, protein already found kidneys showing damage

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Re: 21 weeks, protein already found kidneys showing damage

Postby MomTimesThree » Tue Apr 06, 640213 4:08 pm

Glad you reached out. So sorry to hear you've faced complicated pregnancies and that you are already facing some bumps.

Did they do a baseline 24 in the first trimester or is this elevated 24hr at 21 weeks your first? It's not uncommon after a pre-e pregnan y to spill more protein than usual in a subsequent pregnancy. As you mentioned probably due to damage from our last pregnancy. It can be scary to already have a bit of a red flag- remember each pregnancy is different- and it sounds like your medical team is Arcady watching you like a hawk.

The only positive reframe we were given when we spilled early on is that it have us a good frame of reference for later on if it rose (and it did). So knowing where we started (baseline at 10 weeks) we could keep the other raises relative to where we started.

Keep posted as you're able- and one day at a time right? :)

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21 weeks, protein already found kidneys showing damage

Postby jesshill325 » Tue Mar 16, 640213 11:39 am

So I have been a fan of this site but never reached out. Well I am onto my third child and with my second I
delivered at 30 weeks due to Pre E. My BP was scary high and I had a tremendous amount of protein in my urine. Because of this they did a 24 hour urine and saw that my kidneys are showing some damage and I have protein again. They told me at 28 weeks if it gets higher I will be admitted. Needless to say I am terrified. I have 2 other children and am so nervous we will not be as lucky as we were with my youngest (she is 3 and is doing great). Please help! My family offers kind words my husband is so supportive but they do not understand the fear I have. Thank you for reading!

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