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Coping With Diagnosis

Posted: Sun Mar 31, 640216 11:12 am
by isjocelyns
Hello, all!

I found this forum through an old thread about natural childbirth with preeclampsia, and I found it to be such a comforting read that I knew I had to join!

I am over 38 weeks and have just been diagnosed with preeclampsia after repeated high blood pressure readings (155/90, 148/95) while on labetelol and 383 protein count after a recent 24 hour urine. Although multiple blood test show everything is functioning perfectly, I have zero symptoms, and baby is healthy and on the larger end of things, my history -prior to pregnancy- of mysterious high bp (I am a very active, healthy person that has stumped many a doctor with this.) has my midwives releasing me into the care of a hospital and OB. I have done so much to ensure I have been in good health throughout this pregnancy, so to receive this diagnosis and to have my dreams of a holistic childbirth in a free standing birth center be taken away this late in the game has been a huge emotional and mental blow.

I am now on serious bed rest, and it has just given me too much time to think about the what-if's! I know that the most important thing is healthy mom and baby, but I have become worried about my state of mental health and coping with the situation, especially after baby. So I am hoping that some of you can give me some tips or resources for coping with preeclampsia! I am grateful that I have a supportive doctor (I have done cocare with him throughout.) and doula, but obviously it would be nice to have the support of those who have been there before!

Tomorrow I go into meet with my doctor about my most recent lab work from today. (God, this disease turns you into a human pincushion!) It will determine if I go in immediately for an IV induction, or if I can buy just a little more time to see if we can try other induction methods to help get things moving. My cervix was still on lockdown earlier this week!