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Re: aspirin side effects on babies

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 640514 5:13 am
by MomTimesThree
Congrats Angie!

Re: aspirin side effects on babies

Posted: Sat Jan 20, 640514 5:53 am
by angieb
I was on lovenox and aspirin for both my boys (and current pregnancy), both boys (4 and 2.5 now) are fine. I was actually taking them while breastfeeding both boys still too so they were exposed to it in utero and then when they were older through my milk. (Although granted by the time I was pregnant again I don't think I was making a lot of milk, especially for the 2 yo.)

Honestly the only way I personally would risk a VBAC is if I wanted several more kids, but we all have different comfort levels and desires. (I have never ever ever desired a vaginal birth anyway. I like just laying there and not have to do anything or be miserable with contractions,etc.) This will be my 4th c-section, they have all been pretty easy, with easy recoveries. My doctors have said we could have a 5th if my uterus looks okay after this time so even the number of kids factor just depends.

Re: aspirin side effects on babies

Posted: Thu Apr 30, 640511 10:45 pm
by caryn
Then you have time to get your head around the possibility of a VBAC - thinking about either kind of delivery is somewhat scary!

FWIW, with my last pregnancy I was getting care at a facility where VBACs were supported, but ended up with a repeat CS because I had PROM and wasn't even a tiny bit in labor. Would that these things were more predictable. Heather's been out with a sick four year old, but I know she had 4 CS.

Re: aspirin side effects on babies

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 640511 11:09 pm
by maiag24
thanks caryn!
I'm 23 weeks now , I've started aspirin at 15 weeks

Re: aspirin side effects on babies

Posted: Sun Mar 15, 640511 4:20 am
by caryn
Hi, and welcome to the forums - I'm glad you found us!

Before they decided to recommend aspirin for preeclampsia, they ran some large trials and checked for effects on the baby, and there weren't any harms to the babies at all. I didn't take it with my daughter, but that was because my MFMs and I decided I wasn't likely to benefit from using it, not because there was any concern that she would be harmed.

Here's one of the big trials:

And a review from the US task force:

"Based on pooled results, low-dose aspirin administered after the first trimester of pregnancy to women at elevated risk of preeclampsia reduced the risk of preeclampsia by at least 10 percent (and perhaps 24%), with beneficial effects on perinatal health outcomes; intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) was reduced 20 percent and preterm birth an estimated 14 percent, although the actual effect for these two outcomes may be more modest, given the possible bias due to small-study effects. Consistent with findings of lower rates of preterm birth and IUGR, birth weight averaged 130 g more in infants whose mothers took low-dose aspirin. We did not find evidence of serious harms from aspirin use..."

So aspirin grows slightly larger babies (probably because it improves bloodflow), but no harms were found.

How many weeks are you?

Re: aspirin side effects on babies

Posted: Sun Feb 22, 640511 9:23 am
by maiag24
thank you heather j! there is so much warnings about high doses of aspirin and I've thought small doses could also be harmful but that is not true as you say :) how old is your youngest kid? is she/he fine? have you delivered by cc or was it vaginal birth? my first was Caesarian but I want vaginal birth this time however I'm scared to death :)

Re: aspirin side effects on babies

Posted: Sun Feb 22, 640511 12:25 am
by heather j
Hi! I delivered my first at 36 weeks due to PE/HELLP, and my MFM prescribed lovenox and aspirin for my next two (mostly uneventful) pregnancies as a result of a clotting disorder. Since those pregnancies, using anticoagulants has seen a decline and recent research is leading away from that practice, and I was not on lovenox for my fourth pregnancy in 2013/14. I did continue with aspirin, but developed chronic kidney stones and was having bleeding related to that so we stopped the aspirin because it was contributing to the bleeding caused by the stones. I delivered my last at 40 weeks with no preeclampsia. All that said, I've not had any complications resulting from taking aspirin. It's pretty widely used in preeclamptic circles and has been for a while now. I think it's more commonly used for early onset preeclampsia cases.

aspirin side effects on babies

Posted: Tue Feb 10, 640511 4:00 pm
by maiag24
I've experienced pre eclampsia in my first pregnancy (36th week) and now my gp told me to take aspirin every day till the end of my second pregnancy (I'm pregnant again) but I'm very scared that it can harm my baby , even in small dose of 75g which I'm taking now :( and the aspirin I've been prescribed has many other ingredients like sodium, talc etc. what do you think , should I take it ? I know it helps in extreme cases of pre eclampsia but I'm sooo worried that my baby would have some sort of side effects of taking the aspirin in future :( please help