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Re: Slow/Early Pre-E

Posted: Tue Oct 05, 640517 11:05 pm
by MomTimesThree
Welcome. I'm thankful to hear despite her early arrival your daughter is doing well and your blood pressures and health have rebounded well.

You wouldn't be alone in having a slow rise- lots of folks will have labile pressures (not sustained high, but spikes). We were a slow and steady eek along case.

There are so many questions about if/when trying again. Since each case is so unique, it can be helpful to meet with your MFM to discuss their thoughts and ensure they've done testing for underlying issues. From there you reduce some of the uncertainty. It was helpful for us.

Keep posted as you're able.

Slow/Early Pre-E

Posted: Sat Sep 25, 640517 10:07 pm
by Apoole
Hi everyone, my husband and I are considering having another baby and I was curious what the experience was like for other couples. I was diagnosed with Pre-E at 26weeks and started on blood pressure medications and light duty, at 28weeks I was placed on bedrest, my daughter was born at 32weeks due to intra-uterine growth restriction, low amniotic fluid, and poor non-stress test tracings. My blood pressure stayed between 140/80-200/120 on the highest dose of labetolol they would prescribe. My pre-E seemed to creep up and there was not a big "jump" in blood pressure like there seems to be in most cases. My lab work was never horrible. I do have hypothyroid and it was monitored during my pregnancy and now my BP is fine. I am not overweight or have any other medical conditions.

Our daughter is fine and we are very thankful for that but she did spend a month in the NICU just trying to gain weight to be able to go home, which she did right at 4lbs, 36weeks. We have always been interested in adoption and feel maybe this experience is the hint that is what we should do for our second child. I was curious what other couples experienced in pregnancies after cases like mine.