Please help me. Question about elevated liver enzymes

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Re: Please help me. Question about elevated liver enzymes

Postby caryn » Wed Nov 18, 2015 01:39 pm

Welcome! I'm glad you've found us.

My guess is that even your doc won't know for sure what that means. Taking baselines and early bloods that look at AST/ALT is a pretty new thing, and I can't find a lot of information in PubMed on what a slight increase early in pregnancy might imply - I think no one has studied this carefully. Will they monitor them closely - draw bloodwork at your next appointment, schedule your visits closer together, that sort of thing? Do you have MFM oversight in this pregnancy?

I'll ping a few researcher friends and see if anyone has better data on this. Keep us posted!
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Please help me. Question about elevated liver enzymes

Postby Emeraldnyc » Fri Nov 13, 2015 00:00 am

I am almost 5 weeks pregnant and I did my bloodwork at my PCP two days ago just to have a baseline to take to my obgyn for my first appointment. In August my AST and Alt were both 19. Nice, normal "middle of the road" ranges by the lab's reference ranges. That month she also started me on lebetalol for my high blood pressure. Under the lebetalol my blood pressure has been 120's/70-80

Fast forward to now, 3months later, almost 5 weeks pregnant and my ALT is 41 (range 6-29 U/L) and my AST is 25 (range 10-30 U/L)

I've had preeclampsia in my last pregnancy and am currently taking the lebetalol, baby aspirin, and prenatals. I am scared that this is a negative thing because my liver enzymes went up during my last pregnancy too (into the 300 and 600 range). However, they didn't even begin climbing well into my 20+week range.

Could this could be just a slight increase or it could show bad things happening? Anyone else have elevated liver enzymes early in pregnancy? Or at all? What were your values? When did they rise? Could it be the lebetalol?

I am sorry for all the questions, I lost my son last November and I hoped this baby would be our rainbow but I am so frightened that my liver enzymes are climbing, even if just a little.

Thanks for any answers/thoughts/opinions

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