Vitamin b12 deficiency

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Re: Vitamin b12 deficiency

Postby jenh » Wed Dec 02, 2015 03:48 pm

There have been several correlations found between nutrient deficiencies and PE. It's easy to assume the deficiencies caused PE, but the research so far has proven the opposite. PE does weird things to our metabolism and causes us to burn through nutrients more quickly, leading to deficiencies.

Although, is b12 one of the vitamins affected by MTHFR? Other than folic acid, I can never remember which ones can't be absorbed. And MTHFR is associated with PE. It's possible MTHFR causes both PE and b12 deficiency, which is why they are related, not because either one caused the other.

Definitely interesting stuff.
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Vitamin b12 deficiency

Postby UKGirl » Tue Dec 01, 2015 09:58 pm

Thanks for the extremely interesting response. What's MTH... Stand for? I've never heard of the vitamin b12 thing until I started researching it last night having had my first injection of it. But it did make me wonder if it may have been a factor in my last pregnancy (they don't routinely test vit b12 in the UK) in which I developed sudden and severe PET. I do know I had to have the injections as they don't believe the food it's in would make a difference to me...not sure if that's about absorption. I like to know things and I find it very hard getting very few answers for why the pre eclampsia happened last time so I'm very intrigued about it all.

Thanks again, I appreciate it x
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