Would love some insight!

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Re: Would love some insight!

Postby jmtucker0819 » Tue Feb 16, 2016 03:55 am

How have you been doing?
This sounds very similar to what I went through. High BP that would go back down. Normal labs. All of the symptoms of PE. No reason for PE since I had 3 completely normal pregnancies and deliveries before. For me, this lasted for about 6 weeks and then I had a placental abruption from the PE. Unfortunately, I lost my son at 34 weeks. I wish there was a definitive test that says it is PE instead of relying on labs and bp. Not everyone presents the same and it seems if you are one of the unlucky ones that presents abnormally, you fall through the cracks. I wish I had pushed the doctor's and the hospital more but after 6 weeks of constantly going in and calling them, I figured they had to be right and I was a little crazy. I know that I did everything I could but without my son here to celebrate his upcoming first birthday, it does not feel like I did all I could. If something is wrong, keep pushing them for answers. Chances are that if they say you are fine, then you are. But there are exceptions to that.

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Re: Would love some insight!

Postby alviarin » Tue Jan 19, 2016 08:30 pm

I would be concerned with those symptoms, especially since your blood pressure (BP) is normally low. Although it is more common in first pregnancies, preeclampsia can can show up at any time. Sometimes in early stages pressures are labile, and can go up and down. When my pressures started going up in my second pregancy, my MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) specialist said that I was headed for preeclampsia again or chronic hypertension later in life, or both. (And chronic hypertension is a risk factor for preeclampsia). Towards the end of my pregnancy my pressures were normally good sitting or laying, but would spike up with any activity.

Please take a look at our "Signs and Symptoms" page if you haven't already: http://www.preeclampsia.org/health-info ... n-symptoms

I would definitely ask your doc about your pressures being different in different arms. My understanding is management should be based on the higher pressure arm, since they should more accurately reflect aortic pressure (and a decrease on one side may reflect increased vascular resistance on one side).

So you are monitoring your pressures at home? How often are your appointments now? Has your doctor given you any guidelines on when to call-in (based on certain pressures or symptoms)?
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Would love some insight!

Postby mamaof7 » Fri Jan 15, 2016 05:34 pm

This has been the weirdest pregnancy for me. My normal BP is low (108/68) @ my first prenatal Visit. For the past few visits my urine has shown protein. but my Bp although increased a bit was no where near high. ( 117/58) Last week sunday, I started having palpitations, difficulty breathing, headaches and vision disturbances my BP had gone up a bit to 124/72- 144/89 the palpitations and vision disturbances stopped but the headache remained. I went into see my doctor Monday afternoon by this point my bp was 132/79. He was concerned even though my BP was technically *high* the palpitations, difficulty breathing, and headaches and history of protein concerned him, so he sent me L&D for observation and tests. My bloodwork came back normal, my bp while laying in bed was GREAT back to my original normal and my 24 hour urine was normal as well. I was sent home and told to check my bp and call him if it went back up. At home if I'm sitting up it's running in the 120/70's however if I get up and move around and even little things like putting dishes in the sink and talking with my kids the headache comes back and even after sitting for a few minutes my bp is as high as 159/85. If I lay back down and rest it drops back down to the 110's/60-70's I've also noticed that my BP's are very different in each arm. Am I over analyzing this? Since it's going back down should I even be concerned? I'm 32 weeks today with NO history of high BP this is my 7th pregnancy, this is just very weird I've never felt like this! Any insight or if your story is similar I would love to hear it! ;)

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